Business is not all about economy. Geopolitical circumstances play an important role in success and failure of the corporate world. International relations and near-future political scenarios are some of the important topics for MBA Group Discussion (GD) rounds. Also Read - Will Convert All State-Run Madrasas Into a General School: Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

During the G20 summit in Brisbane, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of fanning the new ‘Cold War’. Washington had been pointing fingers at that it has increased display of military strength near western countries, while Moscow said that Russia just responded to two rounds of NATO expansion in central and eastern Europe. According to Putin, the US and NATO has military bases all over the world (including areas near Russian borders) and their numbers have been growing. Recently, it has deployed special operations forces near Russia. Also Read - Anything For Education: Goa Students Trek 3km Everyday to Reach Hilltop to Access Internet For Online Classes

Do you think that all these tensions will push the world back to the ‘Cold War’ days? Let’s discuss this in detail: Also Read - Will You Send Your Kids to School If They Reopen in October? 71% Parents Say No; Reveals Survey

Arguments in favour of new Cold War

Role of Russia in Ukraine crisis: The consulting group Armament Research Services (ARES) reported that it is likely that pro-Russian separatist groups in received weapons from Russia.

Spying allegations: Recently, a Russian diplomat in Bonn had been suspected of ‘spying’ and was expelled from Germany. In response, Russia also expelled a ‘spy’ in the German embassy in Moscow. Till now, German business groups had been opposing sanctions on Russia most vehemently. Alexei Kholostove of Latvia, who has been an advocate of Russian minority in his country, has also been deported from Russia on allegations of spying. Russia has deported four Polish diplomats too which led to the arrest of a military officer and a Russian-Polish lawyer in Poland who were accused of spying for Russia.

Early signs of Cold War are re-surfacing: Russian and Western leaders have been using unforgiving terms for each other. Putin defended Crimea’s annexation to Russia saying that the Washington and its European allies are guided by the rule of the gun. Alexander Vershbow, Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, said that Russia ‘more of an adversary than a partner’ now. has resorted to a series of Cold War style tactics such as putting military exercises with Russia on hold, ending missile defense negotiations, banning export of civilian technology to Russia, and deny access to the US Department of Energy laboratories to Russian specialists.

Arguments against new Cold War

World is not bipolar anymore: Unlike the original cold war, significant key players now include China and India which will avoid being drawn in the international fiasco.

Lessons from Cold War: At the height of the Cold War, the world was on the brink of unleashing a nuclear war. If security crisis escalates, that danger would quickly return. Towards the end of the original Cold War, both the Moscow and Washington made efforts to understand each other and develop mechanisms to reduce tensions and focused on cooperation. The new Cold War can be quite damaging too and leaders of both the countries will certainly pause to reflect on lessons they learnt from Cold War.


The new Cold War is certainly undesirable. This time around, modern Russia is merely a shadow of its predecessor – Soviet Union. The United States’ economy is eight times of Russian economy and its military budget is seven times as large as that of Russia. Still, if both the countries engage in a prolonged confrontation, international politics will be severely damaged. Focus on getting over major security challenges today such as terrorism, cyber warfare, climate change and nuclear proliferation will get diverted. Hence, Moscow and Washington will have to reorient themselves to mitigate the risk of the new Cold War. We hope that leaders of both sides will soon realize the high cost of the new Cold War and forge an alternative to sort out issues.

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