Dr Vikash Bhardwaj, a from a private Punjab university, claims that he has developed a new technique for amplification of parallel DNA to study its role in a living cell. His research can be of immense help in finding remedies for fatal diseases like AIDS, cancer and TB. Also Read - Maharashtra: 35 Percent Schools Reopen After 8 Months, Only 5 Percent Students Attend

The findings of the new technique called the ‘Parallel Polymerase Chain Reaction (PD-PCR)’ were published in the F1000 Research journal of the UK. The conventional PCR amplifies DNA by millions of times and has had a major impact on life sciences. It allows researchers to study and understand various phenomenon. It is also a useful tool in forensic sciences. The new PD-PCR technique of Dr Bharadwaj claims synthesis of new DNA template with polarity opposite to the DNA template used. The new knowledge may be useful in finding cures to fatal diseases with more probe. Also Read - Puducherry Proposes 10% Quota For Government School Students in Medical Courses

DNA was first discovered in 1868. It took the scientific community about 85 years to accept it as a key molecule that contains all the information related to an organism. The role of ‘parallel DNA’ and the novel technique for its amplification can open up new pathways in medical sciences to eradicate diseases that had been considered incurable till now. Also Read - West Bengal MBBS Seats Increased to 4,000: CM Mamata Banerjee

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