15 year old Akash Manoj, from Tamil Nadu, has developed a technique for diagnosis of a silent heart attack through a silicon patch stuck to your wrist or back of your ear. The patch will monitor whether there has been a heart attack. Akash has earned the international acclaim for this development and the technique is currently going through clinical trials. 19 year old Shalini Kumari from Patna, developed a walker. The walker is different from other walkers already present in the market. The walker has a spring-loaded self-locking front legs. Shalini bagged IGNITE award of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) for her development.

Akash’s innovation has earned him many acclamation but he says that there was nothing quite like living at Rashtrapati Bhavan. “In the last 12 days I have explored every part of the Presidential Estate. My day starts with a game of golf, or tennis, I attend main functions here as the guest of the President. I truly feel like a VIP; it is a very special experience,” he said. He added that, “Besides, I like to spend time in the public library meant for the residents of the President’s Estate. It has some fascinating books on science, something that I am deeply interested in.”

Kumari also got the chance to experience spending days in Rashtrapati Bhavan. She said that, “It is so big I often use a car from going from one place to another. We have been here for 12 days now and we are yet to explore it fully. The whole building is so grand. I especially love Ashoka Hall and its paintings,” she said.