Hyderabad: All private schools in Telangana will remain closed on Friday following the bandh call given by the Telangana Recognised School Management Association (TRSMA), said reports. The private school managements have been protesting the fact that for ETRs (extension of temporary registration), they have to submit fire, traffic and other NOCs (no objection certificates), said a report in The Times of India. They said the government cannot have different parameters for private and government schools. (Also read: EC Brings Model Code of Conduct Into Force in Telangana) Also Read - Telangana May Extend Coronavirus Lockdown Beyond April 14, Says CM K Chandrasekhar Rao

“If private schools have to submit NOCs from fire and traffic departments as well as Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for safety purposes, the same should also be implemented for government schools. They can’t mandate something like this in the name of safety only for private schools. Also, these rules were formulated only a few years back, whereas many of these schools were established about 20-30 years ago. It is not fair to ask these schools to follow rules that are practically impossible to implement,” S Madhusudhan Reddy, president, TRSMA, Hyderabad, told the daily, adding that all the 10,000 private schools in the state were backing the bandh. Also Read - Telangana Student Makes Awareness Video To Spread Message of Staying at Home Amid Lockdown

The managements of private schools said if the state wanted schools to get these NOCs, every year about 600 schools will be forced to remain closed, which will deprive the economically backward of the opportunity of an education. They added that the state couldn’t allocate the entire education budget only to students studying in government schools as it was their responsibility to provide free education to every student. “When 55% of students are studying in private schools, it doesn’t make any sense to allocate the entire budget only for students studying in government schools. Instead,
they should give Rs 30,000 to each student through direct beneficiary transfer (DBT) and let the students and their parents opt for a school of their choice,” said K Uma Maheswar Rao, general secretary, TRSMA, was quoted as saying. Also Read - Coronavirus: 6 People Who Attended Congregation in Nizamuddin Die of COVID-19 in Telangana; CM Kejriwal Orders FIR Against 'Maulana'

The TRSMA also demanded health cards for teachers of private schools and that they be made beneficiaries of 2BHK scheme of the government. They said if the state failed to meet their demands, they would intensify their protest.