New Delhi, Mar 12: In a relief to thousands of students, Telangana education department has curbed school timing by half, beginning from March 15. The department has issued a memo to all regional and district educational officers.

The circular reads, “Schools i.e. primary, upper primary and high schools of all managements i.e. both government, government aided and private managements will function from 8am to 12.30 pm”.

The department has taken this decision in view of heatwave blowing during the summer. During summers temperature rise to very high level making things difficult for the people. People are seen walking on the streets with their faces covered to beat the heat. School children generally fall sick during this time.

Teachers also demanded the government to reduce the school hours owing to soaring temperature in various parts of the state. Last year, parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are facing a heatwave with the mercury hovering above 40 degrees.

As many as 167 people died reportedly due to heat wave related problems last year. May and June are typically India’s hottest months, when temperatures regularly exceed 40 Celsius in the run-up to the monsoon rains, but the severity of the heat this year has caught many off guard.