Lucknow, Mar 28: Of late, students from Uttar Pradesh have been in a soup. From cheating cases to hooliganism during examinations, we’ve heard and seen everything in the past month. And now, Class 10 and 12 students of the UP Board Examination have resorted to writing bizarre appeals in their answer sheets in order to pass the examination. From blaming their love life to asking the evaluators to consider them as their children, students have taken every possible measure to ensure they pass the board exams easily. Call it their fear of failing in the exams or their desperate need to pass, UP Boards students have surely stooped to just another level. Also Read - CBSE Extends Payment Deadline For Class 10 & 12 Board Exams 2021 Fee | Check New Date Here

For instance, a girl in her paper asks the evaluator that if she was the latter’s daughter, would he or she have failed her? Some, being rather smart, ask for forgiveness in the first line, only to pen their absurd reason in the following line. So it goes. This student writes that he belongs to a poor family and did not have books for studying. Since he had to study from other people’s books, he tried to imply that he couldn’t study much. Thereby, he requests the examiner to pass him. Also Read - ICSE, ISC Class 10 & 12 Compartment Exams From October 6 to 9, Result on October 17 | All You Need to Know

This only gets more interesting with each paper as the next one reads that after falling in love with a girl named Pooja, he couldn’t study and therefore the examiner might as well pass him. The examinee takes full responsibility for the fact that he didn’t perform well only to blame his love life for his abysmal performance. Not just this, answer sheets also read that the evaluators would receive rewards and blessings from the student and his family for the favour. Some students really seem to like their chief minister and take to answer sheets to pen their gratitude. They praise UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s decision to check copying in UP Board exams. Also Read - CBSE Class 10th, 12th Compartment Exam 2020 Begins Today | Check Covid-19 Guidelines Here

If you think it is over, then the best is yet to come. One student has written a poem. It reads,”Chitti Chitti ja sir ke pass, sir ki marzi, fail karein ya pass.” Towards the end, it appeals: “Guruji pass kar de.”

Evaluation of over five crore answer sheets of Class 10 and 12 UP Board students began on March 17. The results are likely to be announced on April 21.