Candidates who are preparing for the Civil Services Main Exam in the forthcoming year, can find out what kind of questions were asked in this exam in the year 2013. Some questions from Political Science and International Relations Paper II of UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2013 are as follows: Also Read - West Bengal MBBS Seats Increased to 4,000: CM Mamata Banerjee

Q.1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each :- Also Read - Will Convert All State-Run Madrasas Into a General School: Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

(a) Identify the elements of change in India’s foreign policy.
(b) Sketch the leadership role of India in WTO negotiations.
(c) Examine the recent developments in India-Japan relationship.
(d) Bring out the objectives of India seeking permanent seat in Security Council.
(e) Is India’s Nuclear doctrine a viable one? Also Read - Anything For Education: Goa Students Trek 3km Everyday to Reach Hilltop to Access Internet For Online Classes

Q.2 Answer the following questions in about 200 words each :-

(a) Compare and contrast social movements in advanced industrial and developing societies.
(b) Give reasons for Regionalisation of world politics.
(c) Compare and contrast Sino-India approaches to global Environmental concerns.

Q.3. Answer the following questions in about 200 words each :-

(a) What roles do norms, taboos and epistemic communities play in the context of nuclear proliferation?
(b) Substantiate APEC as a regional economic and trade arrangement.
(c) Identify the major changes in the International Political economy in post Cold War period.

Q.4. Answer the following questions in about 200 words each :-

(a) Is the rise of social movement a sign of opening up of popular space in political process or decline of representative politics? Examine.
(b) Highlight the major features of Non-alignment 2.0 document.
(c) Identify the role and place of Gender in the global economy.

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