Candidates who are preparing for the Civil Services Main Exam in the forthcoming year, can find out what kind of questions were asked in this exam in the year 2013. Some questions from  Public Administration Paper II of UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2013 are as follows: Also Read - Will Convert All State-Run Madrasas Into a General School: Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

Q.1. Attempt the following in about 150 words each : Also Read - Anything For Education: Goa Students Trek 3km Everyday to Reach Hilltop to Access Internet For Online Classes

(a) “The Charter Act of 1853 marked the beginning of  parliamentary system in India.”Explain.
(b) “Civil service neutrality is founded on the application of the principles of Rule of Law.” Comment.
(c) “The second generation reforms in the Panchayati Raj institutions have changed  Panchayats from an agency of development at local level into a political institution.” Discuss.
(d) “Finance commission in India performs the job of statistics aggregation.” Comment.
(e) “Planning enables comprehensive and scientific understanding of problems.” Examine the statement in the context of planning methodology. Also Read - Will You Send Your Kids to School If They Reopen in October? 71% Parents Say No; Reveals Survey

Q.2.(a) “Bureaucratic agencies, characterized by established procedures, specialization, leadership, clear objectives, are not ideal to handle disaster management.” Examine with reference to the need for administrative flexibility in managing disasters.

Q.2.(b) “The liberal-democratic ideology of the West influenced the shaping of value premises of the Indian Constitution.” Discuss.

Q.2.(c) “Autonomy to public sector undertaking is a myth.” Analyse in the context of the use of government expenditures by politicians who control governments at different levels.

Q.3.(a) “Laws are enacted without involving the police in the conception stage, with the result implementation of these laws leaves much to be desired.” Examine the role of police in protection of children.

Q.3.(b) “Central Secretariat is the nodal agency for administering the Union subjects and establishing coordination among the various activities of the government.” Discuss.

Q.3.(c) Is there a need to dispense with the office of the Governor? Examine in the context of coalition governments.

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