Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh police said that a clerk was using his house to help students cheat in their Class 12th UP board exam, a report by NDTV said. Also Read - Weekend Curfew Across States: Check Full List of Restrictions That Are in Place to Contain Coronavirus

According to the report, a team of people, calling themselves “test solvers”, worked on stamped answer sheets. Also Read - Spiritual Guard Against Virus? Jai Shri Ram Painted Mask In Demand After COVID Cases Soar In UP

Many stamped answer sheets were found, following a raid conducted by the police at the clerk’s house. Also Read - After UP Govt Announces Statewide Lockdown On Sunday, Mother Dairy Issues Statement On Supply of Milk

The report by the leading news channel said that when the surprise raid was conducted at the clerk’s house, a bunch of people were spotted working on these sheets with question papers on the side.

As of now, 11 people have been arrested. However, the clerk is on the run.