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A Career in IoT (Internet of Things): Skill requirements, Job Opportunities And More

All you need to know from the expert Ravikumar V. Jadhav, Assistant Professor and Coordinator (CSE), Avantika University, Ujjain, MP Education Desk ● Updated: June 23, 2021 12:32 am | Edited By: Nivedita R

Internet of Things (IoT) has kicked start the fourth industrial revolution. IoT is moving at such a rapid pace that there is rising demand for innovators cross-trained in engineering, design, and business. As a lot of development has happened in the field of technology, the researchers have turned their focus on the experience of end-user. IoT plays an important role in enhancing the use of technology by the user for the betterment of life. In fact, the IoT industry has created great impact and revolution in the domain right from agriculture to defence.

Career in IoT

The industry revolution 4.0 has given a new pathway for technology and the devices connected over the internet will enhance the business and society. Undoubtedly, the most emerging field in industrial revolution 4.0 is IoT. After 2013, there has been extensive research and investigation in the field of IoT and patents of IoT. IoT devices connected over the internet provides a smart, innovative and sustainable solution to challenges in the domain of agriculture and environment, industry and manufacturing, business, education, logistics, retail, healthcare, smart city, defence, etc.

IoT is becoming an integral part of our day to day life and being seen everywhere around us. According to IoT Analytics Research 2018, the number of IoT devices connected worldwide is 7 billion. It is expected that 21.5 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2025. That’s why the professional in the field of IoT domain are in extensive demand.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global internet of things (IoT) market was valued at US$190 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach US$1,102.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24.7 percent in the forecast period. There will be a huge demand for IoT professional and engineer, as there will be a gap between supply and demand.

Skill requirements

The skill required for the IoT professional is the fusion of design and engineering skills. The IoT domain requires critical and creative thinking skill for the innovation and development of IoT technology. Every area of IoT requires unique skillsets. The hands-on knowledge of the following skill will help you to build your career in IoT:

  • Problem-solving skill plays an important role in the development of IoT solution for the world.
  • The IoT solution is comprised of hardware, software and UI/UX design. Therefore, the IoT developer requires skill in the field of Embedded System to establish communication between end devices and IoT devices for the sensors and actuators to function correctly.
  • IoT professionals require a deep understanding of sensor, actuator, communication protocol, wireless sensor network.
  • IoT developers need to have Programming Skills to understand how the data can be collected, sent and stored at the server.
  • As the IoT devices are connected over internet the Networking and Security skills are required by the IoT developer. The management and security of the IoT devices and data are the crucial functions of IoT professional.
  • Computer Science and Engineering student with design knowledge play a very important role in the domain of IoT.
  • User Experience has an important role in the development of IoT products and the end-user interface.
  • As IoT devices produce a large amount of data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing knowledge is required along with Front-end, Back-end, UI and Mobile Application development.

Employment opportunities

As there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of IoT professionals, the industry working on the IoT product in the domain of Smart City, Power, Agriculture, Education, Retail, Industry and Manufacturing, Defence, Healthcare, Business etc will have immense opportunities. They also get opportunities as Hardware and Device specialists, Network and Data security expert, Data Scientists, Embedded System Program Engineer, Software Engineer, Cloud Engineer etc.

What are the job profiles you can get into?

  • IoT Developer
  • IoT Cloud Developer
  • IoT Engineer
  • IoT Architect
  • IoT Administrator
  • IoT Development Engineer
  • IoT Solution Engineer
  • IoT System Designer

(By Ravikumar V. Jadhav, Assistant Professor and Coordinator (CSE), Avantika University, Ujjain, MP)


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The writer is solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.

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