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Study Says 52 Per Cent of Indian Students Want to Build a Career in Technology | Here’s Why

Over the years, students have developed a keen interest in learning technological concepts. Education Desk ● Updated: June 1, 2021 7:49 pm | Edited By: Nivedita R

With the growing advancement in technology and change in perspective in terms of career opportunities as a society over the recent years, multiple avenues have been opened up for students to make a career choice from a myriad of options.

Recently a survey has revealed that 52 per cent of Indian students are interested in building a career in technology. Could we have imagined that, say 20 or 30 years ago?

What did the study reveal?

According to the online learning platform Brainly, an overwhelming majority of students (72 per cent) said that tech-based subjects such as product engineering, data analytics and coding should be a part of the school curriculum.

Another 47 per cent of students decisively said that studying technologies has become critical irrespective of anyone’s stream.

“Technology can be learned the best if it is taught with real-world examples in a fun-learning manner. It’s good to see that so many students in India have developed a keen interest in learning technological concepts,” Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer, Brainly, said in a statement.

“Students are heading towards a digital future and must be provided with a favorable environment to explore technology. Hence, it is important to encourage them to follow a skill-oriented learning approach,” he added.

More than half of the students (54 per cent) said that they had enrolled themselves in tech-related courses during the COVID-related lockdown, the survey indicates, which included over 1,500 participants.

Brainly has a community of more than 350 million students, parents and teachers who drive collaborative learning.

While the platform has more than 55 million users from India, a large portion of its user base is also spread across the US, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and Poland among others.

(With IANS inputs)

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