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Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi, IAS (R)

He is a B.A. Honours in first class, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, India (1970-73). MSc Economics, London School of Economics, London, UK. (1973-75)
PhD Economics, Simon Fraser University, Canada. (1985-88).
LLB (Honours), University of Indore, India. (2001)
Executive Development Diploma in ‘Leadership in Development’, Harvard Kennedy School, USA.

In his professional background he joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1977.Served for 38 years in different capacities. Details annexed.

In his Teaching experience: he Taught Micro and Macro Economics to undergraduate economics and commerce students in the University of Delhi. 1975-77. Worked as a teaching assistant and instructor in Economics at Simon Fraser University. Held Seminar classes for seniors of economics and management in “Public Policy Environment of Business”. For several semesters between 1984-88, at the Department of Business Management, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. Taught “Global Finance” to MBA students at the International Center for Public Enterprises/ University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 1994-97. Lectured on Public Policy for Columbia University (India) program. Lectured on ‘ Basic Leadership Skills for Public Servants’ for Commonwealth Program for Public Servants, conducted by the Government of India. Participated in “Leadership for Development” in the Executive Education Program of Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA. Made a presentation on the ‘Leadership issues in the Merger of Indian Airlines and Air India’. At the Harvard Kennedy School.
He is Certified as a National Facilitator in Basic Leadership Skills by the Center for Creative Leadership, a global provider of Leadership Training, based in USA.
Held several ‘Basic Leadership Courses’ for National level training Institutes for public servants in India such as the Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Himachal Institute of Public Administration, National Academy for Audits and
Accounts, Yashwant Rao Academy of Administration, and UNDP India office. Visiting Lecturer at the World Maritime University, a United Nations University for Maritime Affairs. Visiting Lecturer at the Indian Maritime University, a central University.

Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi

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