AbKi baar Modi Sarkar. There is no chance you could have escaped from the media onslaught of the BJP. What if – just a big IF – Modi does not become the Prime Minister after all the ‘herdwork’ and his Bhaiyon and Behno reject him? And the country gets Kisi Aur Ki Sarkar instead of Modi Sarkar?

With all the drama that has ensued this election season, among all the representatives, contenders and leaders if there is one man who has never been out of the spotlight has been the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Such has been the marketing and the planning of the BJP campaign that Modi is being depicted as the only savior the nation possibly has.

Looking at the 14 year history of Narendra Modi as the CM of Gujarat one thing that has always been used as a subject to popularize Modi in the country is the fact that Gujarat has developed to a great extent during his regime. Development has a whole has been used as the weapon to strengthen the campaign of BJP and even Modi on more than one occasion has been heard boasting about the development that he has brought to the State.

But has development really been in Gujarat on the level that Modi promises every single time in his speeches. Economically, yes Gujarat has prospered in his time as the CM. But is economy the only category that should be considered as the base of development. Modi states the fact the human life has improved and is among the best when compared to other states in the country. Now we have nothing against Mister Modi, but that statement itself is a huge lie. When you see the records of Human Development ratio in the country, Gujarat has had little to no improvement in the HDI department.

That is just a point to prove the hollowness of the claims that ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar’ slogans make. Analyzing Modi on a personal level from what we have seen of him in the media and over the years as a leader one finds that Modi in general is a very polarizing figure. If people like him, its hard core, but there is an equal amount of hard core haters as well. I don’t even want to imagine the condition of the nation if something controversial happens and Modi happens to address that situation in the way he normally does.

Modi also happens to be authoritarian by nature. His way of ruling the government is very dictatorial. He comes across as a very power centric figure and a leader like that is not very good news to a democratic country. We have seen what happens if people finally raise their voice against a power centric figure in international as well as Indian history and one can only hope that the nation, after all the depression and inflation doesn’t have to go through an emergency.

Another flaw that comes across with Modi is the fact that he is not open and never takes criticism, even if it is for the betterment of the country. Exactly how successful can such a leader be in a democratic country?

The BJP campaign for the Lok Sabha elections has hyped Modi to such a level that the expectations from Modi and his to be formed government will be so high that anything that doesn’t live up to the hype created by the ‘Modi Wave’ will be considered a failure. Can Modi and Co. live up to their hype. Can they deliver to their promises and finally, can they deal with the inevitable string of criticisms?