It had been projected that BJP will gain a huge ground in Uttar Pradesh but nobody would have ever imagined such a disappointing performance for Samajwadi Party, Congress and more specially BSP. For Congress its anti-incumbency factor, for Samajwadi Party their failure to perform well and most probably Muzaffarnagar riots may have affected a lot but for BSP which had been working silently for quite a good time to strengthen their network its a huge loss.

The latest trends are showing BJP leading on more than 65 seats, SP on 10, Congress 3 and BSP on ‘none’.

This is very surprising that Mayawati who had so far kept her cards closed will have nothing in her hand to flaunt in Uttar Pradesh which has been considered as the most decisive state to form a government.

Clearly, it should not be seen as a bad or worst performance by the other parties in UP, one should rather see it as a one man show by Modi and Co. who led the campaign from beginning to end.

One more important thing which have been proved here is that its not necessary that huge crowd in rallies get converted into vote also. The only man who has managed to translate crowd into vote is Modi which is a proven fact now. BJP is heading towards a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh and many prominent leaders have either lost their seats or are all set to loose. Union aviation minister Ajit Singh who was considered unbeatable has already lost to first timer Saatpal Singh of BJP. Union minister and young Congress leaer Jatin Prasada is trailing and hhis position so far is third.

All these trends and results show that there was a Modi wave which did turn into ‘Tsunami’ for his counterparts. And nobody can ignore Amit Shah who led the Uttar Pradesh campaign from the front for the BJP.

Meanwhile its Modi all around in Uttar Pradesh, the fact undeniable and really hard time for his opponents, the pain unbearable.