Flower-petals-are-thrown-around-Bharatiya-Janata-Party-(BJP)-leader-Narendra-Modi-as-he-rides-in-an-open-jeep-on-his-waAlso Read - #ZeeOpinionPoll Finds 'UP Mey Toh Yogi Hai'; BJP To Win 245-267 Seats Against Samajwadi Party 125-148

Mumbai, May 16: Huge crowd greets BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on his maiden visit to the town after winning the Lok Sabha elections. He says people of Vadodara have first right over him. Modi thanked the people for their support. Modi says he was not allowed to speak to people of Varanasi. People would make fun of us when we claimed we will win all 26 Lok Sabha seats. But the people of Gujarat have given us all the 26 seats. Also Read - UP Election 2022: BJP Releases Second List Of Candidates, 46 OBC Leaders To Contest 2022 Assembly Election Under Lotus Symbol; Watch video

I gave you 50 minutes you gave me 5.70 lakh victory margin. Congratulate people of Vadodara for their support. Also Read - Goa Election 2022: Why Congress Refused To Align With Shiv Sena, NCP

Beginning his address Narendra Modi acheche din aa gaye hain. Modi also thanked the Election Commission and media for creating awareness for the voters.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called up BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and congratulated him on winning the Lok Sabha Elections. Sharif also invited Modi to Pakistan.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi took responsibility for the poor performance of the party in the Lok Sabha elections. The congratulated the new BJP government on winning the elections. The Congress leaders said the verdict was against Congress and we accept the verdict. Rahul said people have given BJP the mandate by the people to lead the government.

Sonia Gandhi thanked the party workers for their support. She said the party would continue to work for the issues that concern the common man.

BJP president Rajnath Singh and Uttar Pradesh in-charge and close BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s close confidant Amit Shah address media after BJP’s historic victory in Lok Sabha elections 2014. Rajnath Singh says India has voted for change. Many people have worked for this. BJP’s stature has become bigger than Congress and happy and satisfied with the results. Rajnath Singh attributes the victory to good governance and development. This is the beginning of a new era. BJP no longer remains urban party and now represents all the caste and religions.

The 16th Lok Sabha Elections have spelled doom for the Congress party. The current trends and results have clearly shown the door to Congress party. Manmohan Singh, the outgoing, in a respectful gesture, called Narendra Modi and congratulated for his win. The BJP is leading on 328 seats whereas the Congress party has been reduced to 67 seats. The Others are leading on 148 seats as of now.

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi has finally set out of his house to meet his mother after the results of Varanasi and Vadodara are out. Modi has won comprehensively from Vadodara with a margin of approx 6  lakh votes, whereas in Varanasi he has defeated the former Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal by a margin of 1,50,000 votes. The BJP is maintaining its lead on 323 seats, whereas Congress is stuck near the 75 mark.

Modi’s first reaction came in the form on tweet which reads:

BJP combine shocks Congress-NCP in Maharashtra with leading Congress candidates and sitting MPs biting the dust. Read more

It seems like the Modi wave has decimated the Congress led UPA alliance in the 16th Lok Sabha Elections. The BJP is soaring high and higher by every passing hour. The party has crossed the 320 mark and is leading on 321 seats. The Congress has crashed to a new low as it’s not able to cross the 80 seat mark. The social media has gone berserk and Rahul and Kejriwal are topping the mockery list. Arvind Kejriwal, Shazia Ilmi and Kr. Vishwas have all failed to make a mark, as they’re currently trailing in their constituencies.

The Lok Sabha Elections 2014 has been a disaster for the Congress  party as far as the current trends are suggesting. The BJP led NDA alliance  has got a further boost as it is leading on 310 seats now. The Congress has managed to breach 75 seat mark and is leading on 76 seats. The Others party is leading on 139 seats whereas the AAP is stable on 3. In another blow to the Congress party, big names like Milind Deora, Salman Khursheed, Ajay Maken, and Ambika Soni are all trailing in their constituencies.

According to the latest results of the 16th Lok Sabha Elections, the BJP led NDA alliance has been maintaining its lead over the Congress led UPA alliance. The lead has been stagnant and the BJP is still continuing to lead on 300 seats  whereas the Congress has slipped below the 75 seat mark. In a jolt to AAP, the party was earlier leading by seats to which the lead is reduced to 2 seats.

As the picture gets clearer, the BJP has been leading on all the 7 seats of NCT region Of Delhi, and all the 26 seats of Gujarat and even on 25 seats of Madhya Pradesh. If the current trends are anything to go by, the Congress has been completely routed in BJP-ruled states. The major embarrassment for the Congress party is that have not been able to lead on any seat in Delhi. Even Congress’ heavy weight Kapil Sibal is trailing in Chandni Chowk.

The second hour has brought some good news  for the BJP led NDA alliance as the trends are clearly in their favor. Going by the latest trends the NDA has been leading on 302 seats. The Congress led UPA has not been able to cross the 80 mark yet. The second hour has some good news for the AAP also as they are currently leading on 4 seats. The Others category are leading on 137 seats. The BJP man-in-charge, Amit Shah, has given the party a big boost in Hindu-heartland Uttar Pradesh, as the party is currently in 55 constituencies.

BJP looks set to storm to power if the early trends are any indication. The saffron combine is leading on over 100 seats while the Congress was leading on 53. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is leading from Varanasi while Rahul Gandhi was trailing in Amethi and Smriti Irani of BJP is leading.


Counting begins for the marathon 9-phase elections for 16th Lok Sabha from 8 AM on Friday for all the 543 Lok Sabha seats across the country. India will get to know who is going to form the next government in a couple of hours. The exit polls have predicted victory for BJP-led NDA and unless the exit polls are way off the mark, Narendra Modi is set to storm to power. The ruling Congress-led UPA is predicted to give its worst performance since 1977.

Nearly 8000 candidates, including top leaders like Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal were in the fray, in the largest-ever electoral exercise held in the Indian history. These were the first Lok Sabha elections when the option of ‘none of the above’ or NOTA was introduced on the EVMs following Supreme Court directions to ensure secrecy of voters who use this option.

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Nitish Kumar is going to suffer big in the Lok Sabha elections as Bihar votes for BJP and Narendra Modi. Overall, there are 40 seats to fight for in the eastern Indian state which becomes a crucial battleground when it comes to caste and religion politics. Read more.

Narendra Modi wave is not working in Tamil Nadu and AIADMK is winning big time at the expense of all the other parties. Congress is is in for a humiliating defeat. Read more

The celebration of the biggest democracy of 16th Lok Sabha Elections Polls is expected to touch new heights with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress as frontrunner opponents while other parties also have several expectations on the results day. Read more

Lok Sabha elections 2014 witnessed the highest-ever turnout with 66.38 per cent of an estimated 814 million voters exercising their franchise — the highest ever in the history of general elections. Once the results are declared, the names of the winning candidates will find mention in the gazette to be issued by the Election Commission. Read more

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