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Bennet Abraham, 55, was born in a village close to Trivandrum. He is an anesthologist who has worked to revive a mission hospital belonging to the church of South India and served as a member of the Kerala Public Service Commission. He is contesting elections for the first time as a member of the CPI, for the LDF in Tirvandrum against incumbent MP Shashi Tharoor from UDF and O. Rajagopal from the BJP as his chief opponents.

Excerpts from an interview.

This is the first election I am contesting in the secular, political circle. But I have fought elections that for the Church in South India as well as on the national level.

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala, but if you look at Trivandrum many of the benefits which a capital should have are not there.

Party gave me a ticket because I am somebody born and brought up in the soils of Trivandrum. I’m the son of the soil.I am very particular that none of my party members should say anything against, to tarnish Tharoor’s image in any way, his personal life.

The case against me comes up just like the Bofors used to come up. Once in 2 years when our Church election takes place disgruntled elements of the Church who have lost power, try to do all these things. Unfortunately now it has been politicised.

Why are you talking about caste-based politics only for Trivandrum? What about other 19 places? See, as far as my party goes they don’t believe in it. I am sure you are aware of that.

See, the left in Kerala would have been in power for the second time subsequently. In 5 assembly seats, they lost by less than 500 seats, which is just a narrow miss. So they are very powerful.