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With Lok Sabha Election results out and Narendra Modi led Natinal Democratic Alliance (NDA) set to govern India for the next 5 years, there is speculation on who all will feature in the cabinet. Several big names are doing the rounds and portfolios of some are also being discussed. But there is no official word about who all will make it to the dream cabinet. Also Read - Video: No More Infighting, Congress Netas in Bihar Go For Open Fight

We bring you the seven who deserve a chance to serve the nation: Also Read - Congress Forms 4-Member Committee In Bengal to Hold Talks With Left Parties, Seat Sharing; Joint Events on Agenda

Swami Ramdev


How about we see Swami Ramdev as the country’s next Finance Minister in Narendra Modi cabinet? Ramdev has been quite vocal in raising his concerns against the alleged lakhs of crores of Indian rupees being stashed away in the foreign bank accounts. Wouldn’t it be a big boost for the Indian economy if he takes over? The parliamentarians should be ready to have his trademark “Kapaal-Bhaati” sessions in the parliament.

Mohan Bhagwat


There’d be no surprise if the NDA think-tank proposes the name of Mohan Bhagwat as the nation’s next Home Minister. India will never ever witness a riot in any region as far as Bhagwat is at helm. India’s cultural and social sector would get a huge upward surge, if he is to be the next Home Minister with his “Hindua-Rashtra’ and ‘Hindutva’ ideology.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar presiding over the Minister of Culture would surely be an encouraging sign for India in years ahead. Imagine Sri Sri standing up and preaching his art-of-living lessons to the parliamentarians in the midst of serious discussions. While there’s hurling of abuses in the parliament, it will be amusing to see Sri Sri play the antics of Meira Kumar “Baith jaaiye, Shaant ho Jaaiye’.

Kiran Bedi


Kiran Bedi, the first women IPS officer, would make a perfect candidate for the portfolio of Minister of Law and Justice. She already has a wide array of experience in ‘dharnas’ and numerous ‘aandolans’. Apart from the IPS officer she has also been groomed as an administrator under Anna Hazare’s skill development school. Bedi who was also vocal about her support Modi should get a shot at the Law & Justice Ministry. Arvind Kejriwal would  be itching his arm in dismay.

Preity Zinta


Preity Zinta, the least wealthy owner in IPL 7, is an ardent admirer of Modi’s style of working. Though she, like others above, has chosen to stay from mainstream politics, was rooting for Modi to be the next PM. The way she has changed the fortunes of Kings XI Punjab with wise show at the auctions, making most of the bargain buys and spilling out bucks on whom needed, likewise she would sure prove to be a magnificent sports minster. Imagine, Priety Zinta hugging the ministers in midst of a session? Yes or No?

Manmohan Singh


This may well seem boring and near-impossible task to have Manmohan Singh in the parliament this time. If at all, he is selected for any portfolio that has to be the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. While he couldn’t utter a single word of his choice in his decade long career, it would be quite satisfying for him and the country to actually see him speak over various issues. No more hearing of “Hazaro jawabo se achi hai meri Khamoshi”

Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi is the Congress vice president so technically he cannot be part of the NDA government. If rules are to be altered, Rahul Gandhi would well head the portfolio of Health and Family Welfare. He will no longer be scrutinized by the opposition party for visiting Dalit and backward class homes.  He can officially visit their homes and have selfies clicked. The NDA government could atleast do this much for his contribution towards their landslide victory.

With the portfolios not being decided, share who all should be part of the dream team in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This dream team is a work of fiction.