You may not know me, Mrs. Vadra; I am one among the million nameless faces in the country who are stuck in between the volley of words between you and your opponents. To add to the absolute horror of the scams under your government (your opponents being no less) you go so far as to justify the role of your husband in the land scam and claim it to be a case of political mud-slinging. Also Read - Ram Temple Should Become Symbol of National Unity: Priyanka

If you feel humiliated by the taunts laid down by the opposition, as you so claim, do take out to imagine the sorry plight of the plebeians who bore (and continue to bear) the brunt in Vidarbha and other regions across the country on losing their sole breadwinner. Why do I draw a parallel here? Since you consider your family to be affected by being the eye of all political attacks this polling season, kindly take a moment to ponder on the conditions of the families of those affected by the floods in Maharashtra and the tall, undelivered promises made by Maharashtra’s respectable CM, Prithviraj Chavan. Also Read - Priyanka Gandhi to Move to This Area in Gurgaon From August 1 | All You Need to Know

While your husband travels with VVIP security, there are thousands among us who have lost their dear ones because the police (under party orders, if I may add) refused to curb the violence after the assassination of your grandmother in 1984. Even if that were a matter of the past, what about your party’s inability to curb the frequent terror attacks on our country? And while we’re on the matter of security, how can we forget the statement made by your dearest brother and Congress’ prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi on how it is not possible to prevent terror attacks all the time. Also Read - 'They Were Instigated': Police After Woman, Daughter Attempt Self-Immolation in Lucknow

You may cite the 2002 Godhra riots to counter your opposition, but what about us commoners? Playing the divisive politics you are so good at, it is we, who are at the receiving end of the stick – be it the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or any other religion our tolerant country is home to.

While addressing the masses at your family bastion of Rae Bareli, you claimed that you want the elections to be fought on issues of progress and the rights of people. What claims of progress and rights of people do you claim to fight for, when your other family stronghold Amethi is wallowing in poverty? We aren’t drawing comparisons here, but as a commoner I definitely don’t see any decrease in corruption (infact, Mrs. Vadra-Gandhi, it would do you well to remember the DLF-Vadra scam that your husband was allegedly involved in) and neither is there any great stride in development that you can possibly fight on.

As a matter of fact, the newbie Aam Aadmi Party, despite being an escapist, has done far better work in the capital in the 49 days of its governance than the Congress has when it was in power. You claim to have raised around 1.5 million from below the poverty line, but what about the inflation rates and soaring prices on common commodities that make life a living hell for the middle class voter?

Going aggressive defensive might be the newest sword in your armour, but as new age Indian voters we refuse to be fooled by the tactics you and your family (and your opponents) employ for gathering vote banks. The angle of evoking sentiments by making constant references to your familial background might work in your strongholds of Amethi and Rae Bareli. But unless, as voters, we actually detect a hint of sincerity in your tall claims, no amount of planning and strategizing by you (or your family members) is going to help your party.


An Indian