The most trending flavour of this season is the Modi wave much palpable in North India, in contrast to the ripples created by the regional stalwarts in the east and south are democratically dancing on their own tunes. It includes BJD’s Naveen Patnaik, TMC’s Mamata Banerjee and AIMDMK’s Jayalalitha.

Yes, at the national level, Narendra Modi‘s avatar has gripped the nation but the leadership by these three leaders also matters.

Naveen Patnaik sure to be the CM for the consecutive fourth term in the Odhisha Assembly election, thus did well at the Lok Sabha Charts as well. They managed to get the tally of 15 Lok Sabha seats out of 25 seats in Odhisha.

On the other hand, the ‘Poriborton’ ripples in West Bengal has handsomely created a dent in Modi’s ‘wave’ in the same way that out-shined the 35 year tenure of the Left party. Though Mamata facing the anti-incumbency was expected to face a dig on behalf of voters, but her minority appeasement card and anti-Modi barb was the influential factor where people’s verdict was given in the favour of ‘Didi’. TMC bagged 32 out of 42 seats, thus able to repeat the 2011 Assembly election performance.

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister and AIDMK chief Jayalalitha who also exchanged the heated comments against Narendra Modi got successful in stopping the Modi’s fervent wave unlike in North India. Compared to 2009, the party has got higher vote share and seats. This time AIDMK is likely to get the hike of 13 more seats under her tally. Despite facing anti-incumbency, due to power shortage in the southern Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha got the people verdict which in turn increased her tally to 35 seats out of 39.

However, one thing is for sure, Lok Sabha elections 2014 will be giving a new array of leadership that might jump from regional domain to the heart of the nation.