Even BJP’s Bihar President and state campaign chief had not expected that his party would win 30 plus seats in this Lok Sabha from Bihar. Lalu Prasad Yadav who also was speculated to win a dozen seats due to his consolidation of Muslim – Yadav electorates would now not be able to add those sizeable votes. Nitish Kumar who did all the last mile jitters to achieve some winnablity, thus got the answer that ditching BJP to appease minority vote turned out to be an axing effect.

Modi wave in Bihar indicates that BJP got votes from a large part of EBCs and youth of the backward caste. Thus BJP also got the sizeable Yadav votes. EBC which comprises of 30 per cent of the population thus have played a larger role in clinching it for BJP. Young voters not only in Bihar but throughout India have shown the optimism towards Narendra Modi turning to be another major factor for BJP sweep in Bihar.

The biggest challenge for Nitish Kumar is to save the state government, and also a comeback would be expected for the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar next year. The losing trends against JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav in Madhepura have also demoralised the party.

The credit also goes to the alliance partners LJP and RLSP whose immense contribution have also been able to swirl the caste equation in NDA’s favour in Bihar thus surpassing JD(U).