The 16th Lok Sabha Elections have ended and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has a strong mandate in their favour. In a week’s time, the nation will have new set of ministers to govern for the next five years. There are many speculations regarding this and also many names have been thrown in the ring. With the NDA’s parliamentary board meeting slated to be held on 20th May, we bring to you the likely cabinet ministers in Narendra Modi’s cabinet:

 1. Subramanian Swamy as Home Minister

Subramanian Swamy as everyone knows his credentials is a favorable candidature for Home Ministry. Swamy has been seen as a fierce and robust person on TV interviews against the rise of terrorism. His overwhelming knowledge about the know-how of good governance over the years will ensure a safer India.

2. Arun Shourie as Finance Minister 

Lot of speculations are making round that Arun Shourie is a favoured candidate of Modi for finance ministry. It was because of Pramod Mahajan that Shourie couldn’t be the finance minister in Vajpayee’s government; this time he being a finance minister would be a surprise for many.

3. General VK Singh


General VK Singh is the ideal candidate to lead the defence services. The defence too will be happy that someone who understands their needs/demands and requirements is at the helm. Add to the fact that Singh retired as the Army chief last year only adds more value to his candidature.

4. Murli Manohar Joshi: Education Minister (Science & Technology/Earth Sciences)

MM Joshi’s vast knowledge and experience in handling the education department is very well known. He brings a lot of expertise in the education sector as he has also been a ex-education minister during Vajpayee’s tenure. Joshi, a veteran would bring laurels to the education ministry if he’s at the helm.

5. Rajnath Singh as Railway Minister

Though Rajnath is touted to be the second main man in the government, it is unlikely he’ll be holding the top post in finance, home or defence ministry. Rajnath’s experience can very well be utilized to work on the new ‘bullet train railway network in India.

6. Arun Jaitley as Minister of Agriculture/Food Processing Industries

Jaitley makes a good candidature for the law ministry, but his speech in Rajya Sabha opposing the haste in passage of ‘Food Security Bill’ raised many eyebrows. The facts and figures he produced were astounding. One can imagine if he’s given the agriculture portfolio what wonders he could do.

7. Ravi Shankar Prasad as Law and Justice Minister

Ravi Shankar Prasad is already a senior Supreme Court lawyer and has been practicing law for over 30 years. His credentials as a lawyer are unquestionable as his contribution in the Ayodhya title suit is praiseworthy. Having a learned man as the law and justice minister would be a very smart move.

8. Nitin Gadkari as Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

Gadkari, over the years has been named along with very many companies and industries. His corporate style of governing will be a big boost for the Industries ministry. His shrewd businessman like image augurs well with the corporates. His proven track record as a PWD minister as to how well he gels with the top corporate only adds bonus to his qualifications.

9. Meenakshi Lekhi as Information and Broadcasting Minister

Young, sharp, astute and no nonsense approach is what defines Meenakshi Lekhi. Her leadership qualities are well praised in the party’s top ranks. The way she handles the media/media persons on-air and off it is a very congenial trait. Her straight forward outlook would be a perfect way to resurrect the rampant media.

10. Shahnawaz Hussain as Minister of Minority Affairs

Shahnawaz, as minority affairs minister will be a good move if he’s made one. His cordial relations with the top personalities lying on the both sides of religion lines would be quite satisfying for people on both sides. He himself hails from a minority community, which again adds a feather on his cap.

Man Friday, the eleventh man (surprise exclusion).

The BJP led NDA alliance have many capable ministers of chairing various ministries. Many of them may have not been listed above. The most surprising exclusion in the list is Amit Shah. He may chair the top post in Gujarat or be a vice president in BCCI or a surprise berth is waiting for the Modi’s Man Friday?  With the next parliamentary board meeting to be held next week; come 20th May, many surprises are in store.