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Subramanian Swamy is a well-known name in Indian politics and much famous for many of his controversial statements on various leaders, from Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Priyanka Gandhi. Now there’s one more reason why he will remain in public discussion.  Few months ago, Swamy joined Bharatiya Janata Party whose ideology he represents. He is a face of extreme Hinduism and an extreme critic of the Gandhi family. Earlier, he was the president of Janata Party. Also Read - Charanjit Channi Takes Oath as First Dalit CM of Punjab Amid Fresh Infighting, Gets 2 Deputies

Recently WikiLeaks has released cables containing information about how the United States managed to scoop details about late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s election strategies and health details during the Emergency in 1977 from Subramanian Swamy. Swamy suggested to department officer ten days ago that he heard Mrs. Gandhi was prompted to set the March election date.  However, this cannot be something related Indira Gandhi but to the PM of India. The question is why was Swamy giving this information to the agencies of USA? What was his intention behind this? Also Read - Watch | BJP's Kirit Somaiya Detained at Karad Railway Station; Entry Banned in Kolhapur

In July 2011, Swamy wrote an article named ‘HOW TO WIPE OUT ISLAMIC TERROR’. He stated many things reflecting his thinking. He said “Implement the uniform civil code, make learning of Sanskrit and singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India a Hindu Rashtra in which non-Hindus can vote only if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus. Rename India Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors were Hindus.” After this, Harvard University decided to remove the summer courses on economics taught by him.

Earlier, Swamy was a subject of discussion due to his statements, mainly on Congress and Gandhi family. Few days ago, he targeted Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. He said ‘She is very unpopular, she drinks too much alcohol and she has a bad name.’ He added ‘she is an ungrateful daughter for going to see the prisoners in jail who assassinated her own father.’ After that he had to face very strong protest by Congress workers throughout the county.

Swamy raised questions regarding the degrees of Rahul Gandhi. Swamy said Rahul’s both degrees i.e. from Oxford & Harvard University are not genuine. This question was asked by Arnab Goswami when he was interviewing Rahul in ‘Frankly Speaking with Arnab’. At that time Rahul said he can show his degrees and that he has given a sworn affidavit saying he has got these degrees. He also added saying if he’s lying about these affidavits let Swamy take the legal process and solve it. Rahul said ‘He’s been attacking my family for 40 years. Why should I challenge him?’

In an interview with Rahul Kanwal, Swamy clearly said that he wants all Hindu voters to get united and Muslims should get divided. He said ‘there is nothing wrong if eighty percent Hindu gets united and out of 14% Muslims, 7% supports them.’ In addition to that, in the same interview he said that ‘if any Muslim accepts that his ancestors were Hindu then he is also Hindu according to us.’

In May 2013, Swamy’s one tweet attracted attention. Replying to a tweet he said, “You need to go to a hospital. Being gay is mental disorder.” The homophobic tweet by Mr. Swamy instantly attracted criticism from various Twitter users, many of whom expressed their shock at the insensitivity of the politician.

Not only on national but Swamy expressed his opinions on international matters also. Just like others, these statements also attracted lots of criticism. Speaking on Bangladesh, he said “If Bangladesh does not agree to take back its people, then the country should compensate by giving land to India. According to my estimate, one-third of Bangladesh’s population lives in India.” Continued to this, he said “Caste is outdated in modern times and so we are uniting the Hindus.”

Beyond the limits of party, he alleged that India’s former Prime Minister Vajpayee is a turncoat, alcoholic and womanizer. In 1997 he said that Mr. Vajpayee had acted as a ‘police informer’ during the Quit India movement in 1942. Swamy said ‘Vajpayee was regular consumer of alcoholic drinks (in secret).’ Going beyond this, he said ‘Vajpayee is no Brahmin. He drinks alcohol and publicly claims that he is a bachelor but not a Bramachari.’

Other than making statements, Swamy fought a battle against P Chidambaram on 2G spectrum case. Swamy sought CBI inquiry on Chidambaram. Earlier a lower court, then High Court and finally Supreme Court dismissed all his petitions. Swamy got defeated even in curative petition. SC said ‘In our opinion, no case is made out within the parameters indicated.’

However, one thing is unquestionable that Subramanian Swamy has always remained an unpredictable person. No one can guess who, when and on what subject will be his next target.