The biggest film awards – Oscars 2021 or the Academy Awards will be telecasted on April 26. While the nominations for the same were announced earlier this month by the global icon Priyanka Chopra and her musician husband Nick Jonas, all eyes are now on the winners’ list. Netflix has a total of 36 Oscar nominations, the most of any distributor in this year’s slate. Its movie “Mank” has been nominated in 10 different categories.Also Read - 'I Was Out of Line And I Was Wrong': Will Smith Resigns From Oscars Academy

This year, short films that have been nominated in Oscars include Feeling Through, The Letter Room and Daughter among others. And these short films are too good to miss. Also Read - Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock Over Jada Pinkett-GI Jane 2 Joke- All You Need To Know About Alopecia

Feeling Through- Live Action Short Film

A homeless youth named Tereek (Steven Prescod) trying to find a place to stay at night. An encounter with a DeafBlind man (Robert Tarango) leads him to a path of self-discovery and in a small way, redemption. But at the end, the encounter changes Tereek as they both find a way to talk to one another. It’s the first film to feature a DeafBlind actor in a leading role. Also Read - Billie Eilish's Dramatic Train Triggers Meme-Fest on Internet, Fans Post Loofa Pics And Say 'Billies Loofa Era' - Check Tweets

The Letter Room- Live Action Short Film

A story where a corrections officer is assigned to read incoming prisoner mail is one that fits that bill. Oscar Isaac plays the officer who gets involved with a series of letters to an inmate from an old girlfriend (Alia Shawkat).

Daughter – Animated Short Film

This animated short film tells us about the bond between a father and his daughter. How damaged and unspoken words hurt and destroy the bond along the healing process. The story shows the girl’s childhood memory and the misunderstanding of her father prompts further issues.

 Kavi- Live Action Short Film

KAVI is about a young boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead, he’s forced to make bricks as a modern-day slave.

Late Afternoon- Animated Short Film

An elderly woman drifts back through her memories down the lane. She exists between two states, being the past and the present.

Have you watched these movies? What are you waiting for?