All right then! In an interesting (and perhaps the only intriguing) scene from Remo D’Souza’s directorial venture A Flying Jatt, the superhero (Tiger Shroff) is shown busy exercising his superpower. Guess how he wields it! He puts his hand on a Sunny Leone DVD and then on a Michael Jackson series to grasp the content just by touching them. What follows should best be left to the imagination. ALSO READ: A Flying Jatt song Bhangda Pa: Tiger Shroff & Jacqueline Fernandez pack a Punjabi punch! (Watch Video)Also Read - From Star-Gazing Deck To Artificial Rock Climbing, Rani Mukerji Buys Plush Sea View Home Worth Rs 7.12 Crore In Mumbai

Mind you this movie meant for kids. You wouldn’t want your tiny fellas to learn more than the innocuous twerking taught so meticulously by a certain Jackie Fernandes to the tune of the sassy Beat Pe Booty number! D’Souza wins our vote for this gag but the rest of the film is meant for the bachcha party alone. WARNING: Parents must see their tiny tots at the gate of the theatre unless of course they wish to doze off to sleep for good 138 minutes. Also Read - Disha Patani Reacts to Tiger Shroff’s Reprised Version of Vande Mataram, Check Out

In the recent past we had Krrish and Ra.One, but both Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan starrers were enjoyed by the kids and the parents did not mind witnessing the wizardry happening on the scene. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about A Flying Jatt. It ticks all the boxes a superhero film demands: A shy underdog emerging as the superpower (guess what even his name is Aman which translates as peace in Hindi, so he needs to be soft spoken and subservient all the time), He fights his own battles (fear of height in this case) and then fights the monstrous villain. He saves lives ( A building needs to be lit on fire with a baby trapped in it) and has a bimbette by his side (Jackie, who else) to flash that sheepish smile and flutter those busy eyelashes at the cues. And yes, she also shakes her posterior to show our lad that it is not just humanitarian causes he should obese over! ALSO READ: Is Tiger Shroff’s Flying Jatt a hotter superhero than Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish and Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One? Also Read - Tiger Shroff Has a Message For Social Media Trolls: I Have Chosen a Separate Path For Myself

The pieces are set, the clichés are borrowed and this Flying Jatt therefore fails to take off. There are flashes in the pan. But that’s what they are in the end..mere glitters without much proverbial glue to bind the subplots. The narration is quite simple. Our man in the cape must fight this toxic spewing man (Nathan Jones) who is destroying the environment. Naturally there are EVS lessons galore!

As for the performances Tiger…well, he dances really well, he charms us with his sculpted body, his tall frame and his unmistakable charm. There’s this rare sincerity which he tries to muscle in by trying out something as different as this movie. The man has a long way to go before he starts impressing us with his acting chops. Jackie’s character is not really fleshed out well. From Kick to Housefull to now this venture her repertoire is quite concrete: She prrens and grins so well as a decorative piece. Kay Kay Menon as an evil industrialist hams and Amrita Singh with her adorable avtar as the nagging but a supportive mother who lectures on the goodness of lauki is a wise choice for the role.

Our rating: 2.5 stars