Even before hitting the Tv screens, “Aarambh” is making the headlines. This is Tanuja Mukherji‘s debut on Tv and she is playing the role of a clairvoyant, Hahuma. Aarambh is the story of the clash of two clans Aaryan and the Dravidians. They fight for their existence and the story revolves around how a princess warrior “Devsena” takes charge of an entire clan to save it from the wrath of Aaryans.Also Read - Baahubali Actor Ramya Krishnan is Chilling in The Maldives, Check Out Her Pool Pictures

Recently a press conference was held where all the actors talked about their roles in the show and presented a little skit taken right from the pages of the script. Taking about his experience with Aarambh, Tarun Khanna said, “An actor is known to be very imaginative, then only he becomes an actor. We are always taught two things, one – take reference from somewhere, two – read, and if these two things don’t help, then imagine. So I made my character with imagination.” Also Read - Will KGF 2 Starring Yash, Sanjay Dutt Will Break Prabhas Starrer Baahubali's Record At Box Office?

He is playing the role of Shani, an ever valiant warrior. He has been a part of many mythological shows in his career and it helped him in getting into the skin of Shani. Giving his take on the story he said that it is about a warrior who hand picks his soldiers just like in the movie 300. Also Read - KGF 2 Teaser Breaks YouTube World Record, Will it Beat Baahubali?

Tanuja Mukherji too was very vocal about the intentions of the show. As reported earlier that Devsena will be the leader of the Dravidian clan, it would be a matriarchal society which will be portrayed in the show. She says that the show will display how we leaped from Matriarchal to a Patriarchal society. She said in an interview to TOI, ” This show shows through visuals how a matriarchal society became patriarchal. There should be equality among humans whether it is a girl or a boy. Through this show, we are trying to bring in change. That’s what our intention is, but right now I can’t tell what change will there be in society. I am not Hahuma in real life.” (Also Read: Baahubali’s TV adaptation Aarambh: Check out Devsena aka Karthika Nair and Tanuja Mukherji’s first look from the show!)

“It is a duty of every individual to change his or her mentality. You need to do self-introspection.We should think in our mind what we are saying is correct or not. Also, we need to listen to others. When this will happen, then there would be a change in the society.”

Tanuja Mukherji has a career spanning over five decades and this is her tv debut. After watching the promo, we can’t wait to know more about the story of Devsena played by Karthika Nair. The show is written by K.V Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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