Adhyayan Suman took headlines recently about making shocking revelations about his affair with Kangana Ranaut. The starlet spoke of being abused both physically & mentally by the actress during the tenure of their affair. His interview has exposed very strange facts about Kangana, and also cleared some aspects of her ongoing spat with Hrithik Roshan. (ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut breaks silence on Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan Suman and black magic! ) Also Read - Defamation Case Filed By Javed Akhtar: Kangana Ranaut Reacts After Mumbai Police Summons Her

While a lot of people praised Adhyayan for being bold enough to talk about the pain he went through, writer Shobhaa De lashed out at him for the same. She criticized the Raaz 2 actor’s approach towards the issue and her statements have deeply hurt Shekar Suman. The senior actor has now reacted towards the columnist’s words. Also Read - Sushant Day: Kangana Ranaut Launches Attack on Karan Johar, YRF, Mahesh Bhatt, Says 'I Regret Not Being There For You'

DNA has quoted him saying, “I’ve always been an admirer of Shobhaa Dé’s columns. She normally talks so much sense and she’s so non-partisan in her comments. What has happened to her now? She has hit out at my son for speaking out about the trauma that he suffered when he was in the relationship with Kangana. Ms Dé thinks my son is being a cry baby for talking about how he was physically abused. But I think it takes a man a lot of guts to speak about being pushed around by a woman.” (ALSO READ: Hrithik Roshan- Kangana Ranaut case: Adhyayan Suman breaks silence on ex-girlfriends abusive behavior!) Also Read - ‘Take Their Heads Off’! Kangana Ranaut's Twitter Account Restricted For Allegedly Inciting Violence

Shekhar was shocked by Shobhaa’s logic about Adhyayan’s confession about abuse. He said, “She says men in the film industry frequently abuse and hit women. Does that make it wrong for my son to speak out against the violence he suffered? Gender has nothing to do with the violence suffered in a relationship. My wife Alka and I have seen our son go through the worst possible torture and trauma. We watched helplessly as his girlfriend took possession of his life and soul.”

The veteran actor then stated that it was very painful for him and his wife to watch their child in pain. “We had lost our other son when he was just a child. Watching Adhyayan drown in his relationship, was like losing our other son, (now) our only son,” he added. (ALSO READ: Now what? Kangana Ranaut hypnotised Adhyayan Suman and he may have committed suicide, allege Shekhar Suman and wife Alka! (Watch video)

Shekhar further went on to say that, “Adhyayan was completely under her spell. He would not hear a word against her, no matter what she did to him. He maintained she was loyal and devoted and would not even look at another man and that she even washed his clothes. When he saw all those messages to Hrithik on her phone, he was devastated.”

That was not all, Shekhar was subject to Kangana’s verbal abuse too. He called the humiliating event, “It happened at a get-together in Khar where Kangana misconstrued something I said and began abusing me in Hindi with the choicest maa-bahen gaalis. That was the time when my wife and I felt we had lost our son. Luckily, we got him back. But what about all those parents who lose their child when he or she gets into the wrong relationship?” (ALSO READ: Hrithik Roshan- Kangana Ranaut case: Adhyayan Suman makes shocking revelations about Queen star’s association with Hrithik!)

According to the dotting father a National Award winner has no right to destroy someone’s life. It is necessary to be a good human rather being a good artist. “Just because you are a National award winner, it doesn’t give you the licence to walk all over people and destroy their lives. Success is nothing when compared with the values that make you a good human being,” said Shekhar.