Singer and music composer Adnan Sami was recently conferred with Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award. While many welcomed the decision, many also criticised the move considering Sami was a Pakistani citizen before he applied for citizenship in India. The singer now talked about the controversy in his latest interview with an entertainment portal. Sami mentioned that he has ‘forgiven’ those who objected to his Padma Shri award.Also Read - Karan Johar: My Father Told me 'Ek Din Main Chahta Hoon Tu Padma Shri Jeete'

In an interaction with Pinkvilla, the ‘Tera Chehra‘ singer said he hasn’t been able to absorb the feeling of receiving the prestigious award yet and he is aware that there will always be people who would object to someone’s success. However, he is happy and feels honoured that he was chosen by the 1 billion people of the country for the award. Sami added that people politicise Padma Shri every year and by questioning someone who is being conferred with the award, they are actually questioning the ‘dignity of the award.’ Also Read - Entertainment News Today, January 29: Karan Johar Congratulates Kangana Ranaut For Padma Shri, Says 'I Respect Her Talent'

The singer was quoted saying, “Getting a Padma Shri at any point in life is the greatest timing ever. This is a really beautiful blessing. Padma Shri award is such a prestigious award that it’s way above any kind of politics or banter. Unfortunately, every year, there’s a certain amount of controversy that surrounds it because people try to politicise it. I wish they didn’t do that because you are actually questioning the dignity of this award.” Also Read - Trending Bollywood News Today, January 27: Kangana Ranaut Congratulates Karan Johar For Padma Shri, Says 'he Deserves This'

Sami went on to say that only a few hundred people are ‘creating a ruckus’ about him being given a Padma Shri as opposed to the billion people who voted for him. “Who are these thousand people as compared to 1 billion people? They don’t matter. They don’t count… out!”, said the singer.

Along with Adnan Sami, actor Kangana Ranaut, filmmaker Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, singer Suresh Wadekar and TV actor Sarita Joshi have also been felicitated with Padma Shri this year.