As controversies around Padmavati take new twists and turns, more and more celebs are coming out in support of Sanjay Leela Bhansali film starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh. Just yesterday, we heard Salman Khan voice his opinion about the Padmavati row. In an interview to a news channel, the actor said, “There is never anything wrong in Bhansali’s films. He only does good, honest work.” He also urged the CBFC to take the issue up and make sure that Padmavati gets a smooth release. “Censor Board should get involved and invested in the Padmavati issue. How can anyone reach a conclusion and make assumptions about the film without even seeing it? Salman questioned.Also Read - Viral Video: Dancing Dad Ricky Pond Grooves to Salman Khan’s 'Dil Di Nazar' Song, Impresses Indians | Watch

And today, his Race 3 co-star Jacqueline Fernandez has expressed her disgust at what is happening with Padmvati. The actress said that films are a form of art and everyone has the freedom of speech. In a chat with ANI, the A Gentleman actress said that all those who have a problem with the content of the film should should skip watching it. And that taking to violence to solve an issue is not the right way to go forward. “I just think that film is a form of art and everyone has the freedom of speech. Everyone has the freedom to make what they want to make, if people do not like or have issue with, then they don’t need to watch it. I just feel that violence is a complete no. It’s a very wrong thing to do. There are better ways to solve issues,” said Jacqueline opining that issues can be solved through dialogue. Also Read - "Main Pehle Se Hindustan Ka Bhai Hun," Salman Khan Goes All Big With Dialogues in Aayush Sharma's Antim - Watch Trailer

The lead stars of the film have spoken against the vandalism of the sets at two occasions earlier. But now, closer to the December 1 release date, they have decided to not say anything that can add fuel to fire. Ranveer Singh is vacationing in California and therefore isn’t available for comment. Deepika Padukone has refused to talk about the ongoing Padmavati controversy. Shahid Kapoor, who has been out and about promoting the film on radio channels, has urged all to give the film a chance before jumping to conclusions. Also Read - 'Karan Ko Hi Winner Bana Do' Netizens Call Bigg Boss Unfair, Remind How Kushal Tandon and Zeeshan Khan Were Eliminated

(With inputs from ANI)