Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee’s Aiyaary has finally hit theatres today. The film directed by Neeraj Pandey was to earlier release on the Republic Day weekend but later shifted dates to avoid clashes. After two date changes the espionage thriller has released. A lot of people have been eagerly waiting for this film becomes it comes from Pandey who has managed to impress the audience with his previous offerings like Special 26, A Wednesday, Baby amongst others, So does this film live up to the expectations? Read Aiyaary’s review by various critics below: Also Read - Manoj Bajpayee's Wife Shabana Raza Was 'Forced' To Change Her Name To Neha, Says 'I Had Lost My Identity'

According to Times Of India, ” Manoj Bajpayee is the backbone of the film and is completely believable as a man capable of going through great lengths to complete the task at hand. Although his intent to take down his own protege is clear, his conundrum while chasing Jai Bakshi is palpable…Sidharth Malhotra is completely at home playing an officer who becomes disillusioned by the system he has sworn to uphold. He brings a methodical, calm and collected demeanour to Jai Bakshi. ” Also Read - Why Cast Ayushmann in Bala or Saif in Omkara? Sharib Hashmi on Samantha's 'Brown Face' Criticism

BollywoodLife in its review said, “While Sidharth looks great in every shot, what with those cool jackets and hot aviators, it is Manoj who carries the film on his able shoulders. He is believable as a secret agent, who is the master of disguises. In a film like this, where you have to brood and frown most of the time, Manoj brings in that extra dimension with his brand of sarcasm-laced humour. It is in these scenes that you truly enjoy the film. Neeraj and Manoj have worked in several films together and the level of comfort that they share reflects on screen too.” Also Read - Does Suchi Tell Srikant About Arvind in The Last Episode of The Family Man 2? Manoj Bajpayee Speaks

While talking about Aiyaary, Scroll stated, “Stripped of its overweening self-importance and lack of plausibility, Pandey’s surgical strike on corruption passes muster as a cut-price version of the Mission: Impossible and Jason Bourne films. The movie is engaging enough when on the run and hopping flights and continents. Gifted with the best lines and the most rounded-out characterisation, Manoj Bajpayee makes all his scenes crackle. Aiyaary is meant to be a two-hero film, but Bajpayee ensures that it’s a solo ride”

Khaleej Times in its review of Aiyaary stated, “The screenplay of Aiyaary seems to be lengthy, tiring, and confusing. The film will interest an audience which prefers a clever thriller over drab romantic sagas. However, this seems to be the film’s biggest drawback. All the cast of Aiyaary has tried to give their best in the film. However, the movie solely revolves around Manoj Bajpai and Siddharth Malhotra. Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher have been underplayed in the movie with their cameos.”

According to Free Press Journal, “Blessedly Manoj Bajpayee and Malhotra play against each other with vitality and force, giving both heft and history to their parts of a veteran who won’t desert the cause and the junior who won’t stay within the corrupt system. The confrontation sequences between them are a treat to behold, largely because they play not for effect but for reasons that come from within their conscience.”