Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, who made her powerful debut with Kiara Advani starrer Netflix movie Guilty, spoke about her character and how she feels that it is sad that we need such movies in order to talk about sexual harassment and restart the conversation. Also Read - Kiara Advani is Thankful to Fans For Appreciating And Showering Love On 'Guilty'

“It’s unfortunate that we need films like this for people to restart the conversation, but that was our aim. People have a very short attention span. But this (sexual harassment) has been happening forever and I feel that #MeToo is here to stay,” said the actor. Also Read - Kiara Advani And Ruchi Narain Can't Hide Their Excitement About Guilty

Akansha also opened up about her character Tanu in the film and how people responded to it. In the movie, Akansha plays the role of Tanu, who hails from a small town and becomes the victim of sexual harassment. Also Read - Kejriwal Announces Compensation, Says 'Double Punishment if Any AAP Member Found Guilty'

“After watching the film, every girl has messaged me or reached out to me saying ‘sorry’ for judging Tanu, or that they all want to be like Tanu. Nobody has told me it is a very bold character. They have either said sorry or they have said they want to be as confident as Tanu, because she has given them more self esteem. Tanu has given me confidence, too. I could not dress the way she does. She is her own person and she doesn’t need validation from anybody. People consider her a gold-digger but she knows that she is the gold.”

Guilty, which is a Netflix original movie, stars Kiara Advani and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor in the key roles and has received mixed reviews from fans as well as critics. The film also stars Ruchi Narain.

However, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor’s performance in the movie has been highly applauded and critics say that she has a long way to go!