No we are not going to reveal how many candles he is blowing on his birthday cake today for Akshay Kumar, it seems, has reversed the proverbial biological clock! Fitter and hotter than ever before Akki, as he is fondly called is celebrating his special day today. And we could not help but marvel at how Akki has brought in so much action into otherwise mundane lives. He jumps, he thrashes the bad peeps and above all he delivers those unbelievable punches and high-flying kicks. We could not find a better occasion than today to take a look at the stunts and the stunning scenes from his movies. Call them antics if you like but we are sure you just can’t ignore them! ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar starts Jolly LLB 2 journey from LucknowAlso Read - Akshay Kumar Is All Hearts As Buddhist Monks Add Twist To 'Aila Re Aila' | Watch Viral Video

 This jump is simply WOW! Call it a leap of faith or one of the most thrilling jump you have seen in the history of Indian cinema where the hero actually jumps off a cliff to unearth something really important. Akki plays a dashing cop who stops at nothing…and by that we mean absolutely nothing to get what he wants. This visual will take your breath away for sure! ALSO READ: Is Akshay Kumar more bankable than Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan? Also Read - ‘Cold War? Sooryavanshi Opened Floodgates!’ John Abraham Addresses Rift Rumours With Akshay Kumar

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This Fist Fight is killer! Killer it is, indeed! Long before John Abraham and Vidyut Jamwal made fist fighting popular with their moves, a certain Akshay Kumar made the unique fighting appear for the very first time on the big screen. This action sequence from Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi  is unforgivable. Akki stretches his legs as he straddles two pool boards and blows bloody punches! This one is a must watch for the copious blood the man spwes and another bucketfuls he draws. ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan are placed right alongside Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp in the Forbes list of World’s 10 highest paid actors

Some entry that is! Ajay Devgn might have made quite an entry by straddling two bikes in Phool Aur Kaantein but Akki takes cue from Devgn and take the action to another level. He is straddling two SUV as he does the balancing act only to make us go wow that’ s some sh@#! The title track of his movie Boss has Aki seen unleashing some really zestful moves but the dance and the antics he unleashes are unmatched!

Akki on-board! Now this will drop your jaw in a jiffy! Akshay Kumar might have been on board on a numerous occasions given his superstardom but being on  moving (and then flying) jet is something else! The man stands tall and quite firm as the jet is mid-air taking our Khiladi Kumar along. The heroine has been abducted and she us gliding along with the baddie in a hot air balloon. Our daredevil dude catches up with the action to save the day (as indeed to save the lady)!

This mud-fight is mind boggling! You need to be a total stud to be qualified to take a shower with none other than Bollywood diva Rekha. And this one does count for unbelievable action! Akshay Kumar does everything in his capacity to prove that he does everything right–he slathers mud all over his body, get scratched from the manicured nails of the seductress and takes a shower (in the nude? we are not sure as the translucent glass panes left much to our imagination) The action unleashed here is eye-popping!