After the Pakistan court dropped the sexual harassment case against singer Ali Zafar, he has come out on social media asking the accuser, Meesha Shafi, to face the defamation suit now. In his tweet, Ali revealed that the case against him has been dismissed but the defamation case against Meesha that he filed after getting accused under #MeToo is going on. Also Read - Payal Ghosh Demands 'Lie-Detector' Test For Anurag Kashyap After Filmmaker Denies All Allegations of Rape

He drew a comparison between Meesha and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai in his official statement and said, “Meesha Shafi’s case against me has been dismissed alongside the appeal made against the dismissal. The case in the court is my case against her to pay for damages that her false statement has caused me, which naturally she is trying to run away from. I have also filed a case against all the fake and other accounts being used to run a campaign against me on social media. I have been quiet about all this for a year while thousands of disgusting tweets were posted against me, like a campaign every time a big event comes. But it’s time to expose the truth via due process of law for which I urge the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to take strict legal action.” Also Read - Anurag Kashyap's Lawyer Releases Official Statement in Rape Case: He Was in Sri Lanka in August 2013

His tweet mentioning a part of the statement further read, “And a prayer to our respected courts to decide the matter at earliest for which I would like everyone to join me in asking Miss Shafi to come to the court. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi.” (sic) Also Read - Rape Case: Anurag Kashyap Denies All Allegations by Payal Ghosh in 8-Hour-Long Questioning

The part of his statement in which he took the reference of Malala got criticised on social media. Ali made another tweet explaining his stance. He explained that despite everything Meesha is trying to do, she can’t become like Malala who is an epitome of truth and strength. He wrote:

Ali’s mention of a complaint against social media campaigns against him comes days after Pakistan media reported that several celebrities walked out to protest against the invite to Ali in the Lux Style Awards 2019. It was reported that several award recipients at the show withdrew their names from nominations with Meesha even requesting for her song ‘Mein‘ to be removed from the list too. She took to Twitter to thank those who raised their voice and revealed:

In his latest statement to Ali, he revealed that he was silent for a year because he wanted the court to perform its due process. He said that he has been targeted for ‘personal gains’. It all started when Meesha accused Ali of misbehaving with her in her tweet that dates back to April 2018. She revealed the entire incident and wrote in the caption: “Sharing this because I believe that by speaking out about my own experience of sexual harassment, I will break the culture of silence that permeates through our society. It is not easy to speak out.. but it is harder to stay silent. My conscience will not allow it anymore #MeToo (sic)