Indians all over the world are busy celebrating and enjoying the spectacular performance by our beloved Men in Blue. The internet basically exploded with various memes and images all hailing the outstanding performance by Virat Kohli. With everyone from the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, praising the angry Punjabi boy for his mind blowing shots, Virat Kohli successfully made it to the news for all the good reasons. Also Read - 2nd ODI India vs Australia 2020: KL Rahul Jokes About David Warner's Injury, Says Will be Nice if he Gets Injured For Long Time

However, there was one person who was once again targeted to be bullied online. It was none other than the cute and innocent Anushka Sharma. Trolls thanking the actress for “giving back Virat Kohli” started trending minutes after the match ended. The actress, who was in a relationship with the cricketer was subjected to similar trolls when people tried to criticize Kohli’s performance in the World Cup finals, same time last year. (ALSO READ: India vs Australia: India beat Australia by 6 wickets to enter the semifinal of the ICC T20 World Cup 2016) Also Read - India vs Australia 2nd ODI: Hardik Pandya Bowls For First Time in Over a Year With Remodelled Action, Picks up Important Wicket of Steve Smith

However the sad fact the actress has to bare this again, after suffering a heartbreak clearly shows what is wrong with the internet. While celebrities are known to be questioned and ridiculed over their personal lives, especially their love lives, when is it too much is the question of the hour. Also Read - 2nd ODI: Fans Miss Rohit Sharma After India Lose Consecutive Matches Against Australia at SCG

While cricket has been more of a religion in this country, us tormenting celebrities the way to go? Sania Mirza was subjected to even worse trolling recently during the India Pakistan match this season. Have we really become a nation incapable of celebrating the happy moments without putting someone down? Especially when the person in question is no way responsible for any of the happenings?