Television actor Ashiesh Roy, who is in ICU in CritiCare Hospital for dialysis, recently made an appeal on his Facebook account seeking financial help. The 53-year-old actor suffered a paralytic stroke again in the last one-and-half year. His right arm and right leg have become quite immobile. One of his co-stars Sooraj Thapar is in constant touch with Ashiesh and is doing his best to get him financial aid. Also Read - Ashiesh Roy Reaches Out to Salman Khan And Being Human to Seek Financial Help For His Dialysis

In an interview with ETimes, Sooraj Thapar said that Ashiesh is currently alone in the hospital and doesn’t even has money for further treatment. Sooraj further stated that he needs immediate financial and medical help. “I saw his post quite late in the night on Facebook and got disturbed. I thought of talking to him in the morning. I called him up to know exactly what was the problem and how I could help him. He told me he has no money left with him. I asked him about his health issues so he explained to me that his sugar shoots up very high and thus he needs dialysis. He visited a hospital where he was first examined for COVID-19 which cost him some money and then he was finally admitted. Now, he has been there and the bill generated is already around Rs 90,000. He got very scared knowing about the amount and while talking to me he shared that he doesn’t have money to pay the hospital bills. If he continues to stay there the bill will go on increasing and he won’t be able to leave the hospital without paying the bills. I told him that he cannot leave the hospital in the middle of the treatment as he is on dialysis, but he sounded very depressed and sad. He told me that he doesn’t have any other option. He told me he doesn’t have a single penny now to pay, these were his words to me. Ashiesh is in a sad state and he in fact told me Corona mein itne log marr jaate hain ek aur ho jaayega usmein kya. I told him not to think negative and not be depressed. I also told him that let me talk to our other friends and see what can be done,” shared Sooraj Thapar. Also Read - Ashiesh Roy Asks Hospital to Discharge, Says 'Treatment Will Cost Rs 4 Lakh, I Don't Have Money'

ETimes then got in touch with Ashiesh Roy and he revealed that many of his friends from the industry are trying to help him. The Sasural Simar Ka actor said, “I don’t have money. I had Rs 2 lakh which I gave to the hospital because within two days, the bill that was given to me amounted to that much. Right now, I don’t have a single penny. People are coming forward to help me, they are calling up and telling me, let’s see what happens. Because of the pandemic, I am kept in a special ward which is costly. My dialysis happens on some other floor and it goes on for 4 hours. There are medicines, injections which are costly”. Also Read - Sasural Simar Ka’s Ashiesh Roy Suffers a Paralytic Stroke, Admitted in ICU; Asks Fans For Urgent Financial Help

Ashiesh has been a part of the industry for the past two decades. He is known for his roles in popular TV shows like Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Sasural Simar Ka, Mere Angne Mein, Baa Bahu Aur Baby, Bymokesh Bakshi, to name a few.