Badrinath Ki Dulhania, starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt is their third film together. The first one being their debut film Student Of The Year and the second one being the first part in the ‘Dulhania’ series, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. The film is deemed as India’s first love franchise by the makers and also stars Sahil Vaid, Yash Sinha, Rituraj Singh, Shweta Basu Prasad and Gauahar Khan etc. The film is produced by Karan Johar and directed by Shashank Khaitan.Also Read - RRR's Soul Anthem 'Janani' Featuring Jr NTR-Ram Charan Will Give You Goosebumbs- Watch

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Badrinath Bansal (Varun Dhawan), is a good for nothing, a self-obsessed guy who works as a recovery agent for his father and elder brother along with his friend Somdev (Sahil Vaid). His life takes a turn when at a wedding he comes across Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia Bhatt). He then sends out a marriage proposal to her house against her wish. Vaidehi, a well-educated girl who hails from a middle-class family succumbs to her father’s wishes and agrees to marry Badri. Things go haywire when she doesn’t turn up for the wedding… Also Read - Bhediya First Look: Varun Dhawan Echoes Dangerous Werewolf | See Poster

What’s hot

First of all, let me state it loud and clear, contrary to what trailer made us believe, film does NOT glorify stalking. Now that we have made it clear, there are many things that work in the film’s flavour. First and foremost it is Varun Dhawan, who is the driving force of this feel good film. His innocence laced with zaniness holds the film together in the first half. His was a performance driven role and he sinks his teeth into the character. He is like a chameleon who changes his emotions from scene to scene. Be it is comic avatar in the first act, his emotional act in the middle act with his brashness or his matured act in the later part of the film. His layered performance steals your heart and he makes the film his own. There is something about him that even when he is portraying his negative side, you still feel for his character. And that was the need of the hour. It was herculean task on his part to make the character humanised rather than heroic and not let audience hate it. He comes out on top. He is a perfect combination of Govinda and Salman Khan.

Alia Bhatt, on the other hand, is top notch with her sometimes fiery, sometimes mature and sometimes sensitive act. She is great as far as performance is concerned but as Shah Rukh Khan mentioned about her in one of the interviews that, ‘she is too good too soon’ that acts as a hindrance. Varun-Alia’s chemistry is as real as it gets. Maybe it’s because of the great offscreen camaraderie they share.

Another performance that will chuckle you up each time he’ll be on screen is Sahil Vaid’s as Badri’s friend Somdev. Even though his character is that of quintessential Bollywood friend who possess all the cliches but the thing that I liked the most was he wasn’t Badri’s sidekick, he was Badri’s friend which often is portrayed wrong in our films. He doesn’t let his character shift from friend to a side-kick. Sahil Vaid’s loud performance is often over the top but that’s what was required of his character. ALSO READ: Badrinath Ki Dulhania quick movie review: Varun Dhawan’s endearing yet crazy act makes the film a fun watch

Other characters in the film be it Badri’s elder brother Alok (Yash Sinha) or his sister in law (Shweta Basu Prasad) are first rate.

A film like Badrinath Ki Dulhania is not your typical rom-com, instead, it speaks about an important issue of gender equality and all that should be credited to its director Shashank Khaitan. His first film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania was a tribute of sorts to DDLJ but still holds a place of its own. With his second one, he shows how tactfully he can handle serious subject and showcases it with humour for most of the film’s run time.

The way he showcases Badri and Vaidehi’s character transformation going from being in love with each other to finally respecting each other speaks in high volume about his deft direction.

The music of the film supports the film well. And kudos to the makers for ably using the famous Tamma Tamma Again in the narrative.

What’s not

After a quick and fast-paced first half, the film takes a dip in its second half. The pace of the film slackens at times. The product placement too seems too much. And the climax of the film could’ve been stronger than it already was. The climax, in particular, felt half-baked.

There is a scene in the film when Badri is molested by the goons. I loved it the way director sends out the right message showing what all, a woman goes through when he puts Badri (a man) in their shoes. It is the aftermath of that scene that makes the effect milder as he’s been laughed off by Vaidehi, Somdev and others, present. It felt insensitive and trivialised. And instead of making the audience feel for the character and subsequently feel for all the women, audience bursts into laughter.

What to do

This is a Varun Dhawan show from start to finish. If you are a fan of his acting talent, you are in for a treat and if you are not, you are in for a treat anyway. Watch it for Varun-Alia’s chemistry and the important subject of gender equality it deals with in the garb of entertainment. This is the first true blue family entertainer of this year so far. Do not miss it.

Rating – 3.5 stars