Bahubali – The Beginning is indeed the grandest and classic film that Indian audience will witness. Exceptionally well executed by S.S. Rajamouli. Right from the story to every location and background score, the dramatic movie will keep you amazed till the end.Also Read - Rocketry Movie Review: R Madhavan's National Award-Worthy Performance in an Inspiring Story For The Ages

The film is made in Telegu and Tamil language and dubbed in Hindi and Malayalam as well. This epic movie’s Hindi theatrical version is presented by Karan Johar’s Dharma Production. The star cast of this brilliant movie: (ALSO READ: Karan Johar to present Hindi version of Baahubali)
– Prabhas plays dual role, Shiva and Bahubali
– Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Dev
– Tamannah as Avantika
– Anushka Shetty as Devasena
– Ramyakrishnan as Shivagami
– Satyaraj as Kattappa
– Nasser as Bijjaladeva
– Prabhakar as Kalakeya
– Sudeep as Aslam Khan Also Read - Prabhas Takes a Whopping Fee Hike For Adipurush? Budget Increases by 25 Percent

Right from the lead actors to the supporting ones, everyone has done a great job. The visual and sound effects will keep you stunned. (ALSO READ: Bahubali sets a benchmark: 180 days of writing and 500 days of making!) Also Read - Dhaakad Movie Review: An Unbelievably Fiery Kangana Ranaut Steals The Show

The grand beginning of the movie is a visual treat to the eye, thanks to the exuberant location! If we see any mythological flick, it is very few of them who would wait till the end but here, it is an action packed movie with a great story line.

Mahishmathi Kingdom is waiting for the right man to be crowned as its King – the Ruler of the Kingdom. A beautiful waterfall has many secrets stored. Shiva was found near this waterfall and then on, he was taken care by the people who found him. As a child he was always curious to know what is there at the top. How to reach the sky high waterfall? He might have attempted to climb the mountain more than 100 times but always failed. Shiva is physically strong and very attractive. One fine day, as an intention for Shiva, his mother decides to pour bucket full of water on the Shivlink so that he puts an end to such risky acts. On hearing this, the strong man lifts up the Shivlink from the ground and places it beneath the waterfall. People surrounded him were stunned and were pondering about his strength.

In this course, a mask comes down through the beautiful waterfall. This increased the curiosity in the lad to know, to whom this mask belonged. He finds it. It was time for the warrior angel Avantika to enter in the flick as an imaginatory beauty. She guides Shiva to the top. At the end of the simple soundtrack, Shiva sees his angel in some other form – A Warrior. A typical love story evolved but with a twist.  Avantika falls in love with Bahubali – because she knows he is the only one who can climb to the top of the waterfall and come for her and others as their savior. Real story begins now! (ALSO READ: Bahubali song Mamathala Thalli: Emotional yet captivating track from Prabhas’ next!)

Mahishmathi Kingdom has a story. There is a race happening amongst its inheritors Bahubali and Bhallala Dev who are cousins. Before that, there is someone who needs to be saved and that is Devasena (Bahubali’s Mother). Avantika’s and her battalions’ vision is to release the woman who is suffering punishment for the past 25 years. Bahubali promises Avantika that he will fulfill her promise but at that time he never knew who this lady was.

Action sequence begins. Bhallala Dev opens his scene in a grand way – a fight or we could even say a war with a giant bull. Kattappa is Bhallala and the Kingdom’s protector. If anybody tries to harm either, he has to first face the strong man Kattappa. Jealousy, anger, race to win the throne, many things are revolving around and everything has been executed well. (ALSO READ: Baahubali is tribute to Indian epic Mahabharat: Filmmaker)

The real battle is the Keekala battle where Bahubali and Bhallala have to prove themselves and then they could become the Ruler of the Kingdom. The main criteria the duo had to follow was they had to not just protect the kingdom but even see to it their people were not harmed. Shivagami who acted as Bijjaladeva’s wife, would then declare who will win the race to the throne and she did.

The second half of the movie is bit heavy but the real story starts there. This grand film will surely not let you down. The story is strong and so are the actors and their acting skills. Hats off to Prabhas and Rana for their tremendous sword work. Even Tamannah for that matter does not lack behind. The lady has done a hardcore job and it is proved on screen. Go and watch this creation by S.S. Rajamouli and let us know your views! (ALSO READ: Bahubali- The Beginning: Here’s a sneak peek into the visual world of Bahubali (Watch video))