We fail to understand the benchmark our beloved CBFC (Censor Board, in short) employs when they pass any movie. The standards are quite baffling. Nudity and sensuality will hand you an A, but sex, skin show, striptease and flossing (If you are doing it for more than 20 times in the span of 120 odd minutes that’s what the act of kissing is termed) fetches you a UA certificate. The case in point is Befikre. It has all the features of an adult entertainment. It’s just that it is glossed over and yet the Censor Board deems it good enough for children above 12 without parental guidance!! Unbelievable isn’t it! It heypens only in India. Also Read - Deepika Padukone’s Rs 12,500 Oversized Shirt Deserves a Place in Your Closet| See Viral Photos

For those who are not familiar with the rating system, here’s what UA certificate stand for. UA (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve). What it means is that children above 12 can watch all this without parental guidance. ALSO READ: Befikre: Sporting red chaddi to car sex–5 visuals that gave us instant creeps!  Also Read - Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone's 83 Gets Release Date; April Window Cleared For Sooryavanshi?

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  1. You can wear a red chaddi and flaunt it unabashedly (after stealing it from a high-end store). And if time permits you can start showcasing pelvic thrusts and do a quick pole dance!
  2. You can boze to your heart’s content and if you do so in an itsy bitsy bikini you are damn cool! In fact you are trend setter!
  3. You can have sex in the car in broad day light and indulge in PDA quite unashamedly.
  4. Relationships are fun! Got bored with your partner? Move over! hook up with a new one and puhleez don’t call it luvvv!
  5. If that doesn’t sound cool, you can up the bar by slapping a police personnel or by start stripping in a public library!

Lessons are many for Gen Next to learn from this movie…we are all waiting to see how the kids turn Befikre…the sooner the better! No we are not saying this but the much-needed nod from the Censor board suggest the same!