It is silly to watch a Sunny Leone film and expect the seductress to act in it! Well, she can fake a thing or two (no, we are not hinting at her colorful portfolio). But you have to be honest with yourself as indeed with the faith of the filmmakers who cast Sunny in their movies. Audiences don’t throng the theaters to watch Miss Leone delivering a commendable performance that can make Shabana Azmi proud. We know what she has been employed for all along–a passionate romantic sequence that only she can dish out or an item number that can have an entire country grooving to it! Also Read - Sunny Leone makes singing debut; rehearses to croon LIVE at a BIG event!

C’mon Sunny is synonymous with skinshow. It’s not that the hottie is not aware of the reality around her. It’s just that she is trying too hard to push the envelope. Acting is not her forte but Sunny is trying to get foothold in the business where she doesn’t quite belong. It’s showbiz baby–so let’s stick to that! Beimman love is yet another attempt to project Sunny as an actress– an attempt that should have been rather averted. ALSO READ: Sunny Leone finds catchphrase of popular TV show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’ vulgar? Also Read - Beiimaan Love trailer: Sunny Leone is desperate to sell sex with husband Daniel Weber?

As the title suggests the film revolves around Beimaani and Sunny makes sure that she does complete justice to the betrayal angle around which the entire theme of the movie revolves. We have seen how women turn the tables around if the lovers betray them.  From Khoon Bhari Maang to Hate story—the commonalities are many where the woman protagonist is brutalized and battered–both emotionally and physically. But they emerge victorious in the end . But you know with Sunny Leone and sizzle thrown in, the hotness quotient only goes northwards even if it is a revenge saga. ALSO READ: Beimaan Love: Sunny Leone is a sexy seductress! Also Read - Beimaan Love: Sunny Leone is a sexy seductress!

It is a revenge saga indeed! so expect the protagonist to show the much needed lateral shift in terms of how they carry themselves and turns the table around with vengeance. For the first part Sunny adopts the regular, chirpy executive avatar who falls for the man of her life (Rajneesh Duggal) Sunny’s character is ambitious, hardworking. Her world comes crashing down when she has to grapple with the harsh realities of life where only deceit rules. Naturally,  Sunny’s progression is shown remarkably well to exploit her acting potential. Her accent becomes exaggerated in the second half and she starts heaving her bosom with more determination as she metamorphoses into a business tycoon with revenge on her mind! How she achieves the seemingly impossible task! Well for that you must watch the movie!

As for the err performances Sunny tries too hard to show the sudden change of personality and Rajneesh Duggal…well he looks equally hot. If Beimaan love was a skin show spree the two would have won both our hearts!

our rating: 2 stars