The unwanted marriage drama puts Zoya and Aditya in chaos relating to their spouse’s death case. In this episode, Zoya and Aditya landed up in a big problem as a result of Rajveer’s deliberate actions and cleverly executed plan, seeming to accomplish in what he wanted. Also Read - Television Hotness Jennifer Winget Shares BTS Picture From Beyhadh Photoshoot And It Will Leave You Excited

It starts with Rajveer’s conversation with a media person wherein Rajveer carrying a witty smile provides him with something newsy and worth knowing, giving way to his motive of bringing to light, Zoya and Aditya’s fake love story as a married couple. Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Actor Jennifer Winget Flaunts Her New Burgandy Hair Look in Latest Instagram Picture

On the other hand Zoya is completely troubled with the thought of indulging in false drama of marrying Aditya and convincing him for the same. Aditya’s continuous refusal to Zoya’s request for agreeing to get married for company’s sake and making him realize the situation of the employees losing their job if the deal the with Veeranis go for a toss, adds on to Zoya’s tension. Also Read - Beyhadh Actor Jennifer Winget Looks Smouldering Hot in Sexy Black Outfit, Pictures go Viral

Aditya filled with gloom of being betrayed first by his wife Pooja and now his mother in-law, takes him back to the stage of depression and helplessness while his mother and father gets concerned for his eventual actions and activities, opening doors for more worries. ALSO READ: Jennifer Winget Birthday Special: 10 Stunning Pictures Of The Bepannaah Actress We Can’t Get Over

Seeing Zoya disturbed and tensed, Arjun approached Aditya and made him understand Zoya’s situation, advising him to think selflessly. Amidst all the celebration going on for the marriage, Zoya’s mind was still occupied with the thought of Aditya’s refusal for marriage but at the same time she has a strong feeling in her heart that Aditya would show his presence come what may.

Aditya reached the marriage spot in time, which was a sign of relief for the Veeranis, the employees and especially for Zoya. After finally starting with marriage rituals, Rajveer was in look for the right time of executing his master plan which he eventually did. Journalists from different media houses suddenly entered the place and pulled off the curtains from over Zoya and Aditya’s married life in the past and related truths.

Seeing all this Zoya’s mother-in-law got filled with anger and hatred disowning Zoya and the contract with the Veeranis got cancelled too. Seeing Zoya break down Aditya stood by her and offered her to stay at his home for the meanwhile. While all this drama took place Rajveer was seen enjoying it thoroughly and was happy with the results as things fell perfectly into place as he had planned. Watch this space for further updates.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)