Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Suman asks Maya why she is still troubling them and why is she doesn’t mind her own business. Maya tells Suman and Jhanvi that there are long pending dues with she needs to clear. She shows special affection towards her mother and Jhanvi gets more and more scared of her. Saanjh takes Maya to the guest room and tells her that this is her room for the next few months. Maya gets close to Saanjh and tells her that she kept thinking about her and Arjun while she was alone in the prison. She says that she was the perfect wife and had everything a husband could wish for. She says that she was even able to give a baby to him. She holds Saanjh’s hand in her hands and tells her that this child will bring a new light to their lives. This baby will have two mothers and now they will live like sisters. She says that they will not share each and everything they have. They will share the house, this baby, their family and Arjun.Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

When Arjun gets back home, he starts to search Saanjh and instead of her, Maya comes in front of him. She comes out of his bathroom draped in a bathrobe and starts to get close to Arjun. Suddenly Saanjh comes and Arjun starts yelling at her. He asks her what Maya is doing in their room. She tells Arjun that the guest room is very congested and she is not getting any fresh air. She asks Saanjh if she could stay in her room and to Arjun’s shock Sanjh agrees. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 11 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Comes To Live With Arjun And Saanjh) Also Read - Kisses, Smiles, Cuddles! Jennifer Winget And Drashti Dhami's These Pictures Are The Proof That They Are Best of Friends

Maya moves into Arjun’s room and starts looking through his stuff. She wears one of Arjun’s blazers and gets happy. She enjoys Arjun’s  presence in her life one again. Arjun also finds himself unable to go to sleep, so he comes to check on Maya. He finds her awake too and she tells him that she has finally found the way to come back to his life once again. She promises it to him that each and every step he will take, will bring him closer to her. Also Read - Television Hottie Jennifer Winget is 'Perfectly Plonked' as She Happily Camp While Slurping Her Drink