In Beyhadh, Maya is in temple and she gets a call from Janvi. She asks Maya to come to the godown of the company as she will tell her the truth about the murderer. Maya gets tensed and she calls back but the number is switched off. Maya calls Arjun and asks her about Janvi. Arjun thinks Janvi is in home, he tries to find her but she is not at home. Then Maya tells Arjun about Janvi’s call and asks him to reach the godown and she will be reaching there with Saanjh. Also Read - Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Actor Tarla Joshi Passes Away Due To Heart Attack, Krystle D'Souza, Nia Sharma Pay Tribute

At Saanjh’s home, the inspector comes home and asks Saanjh’s father about her. He gets to know that Saanjh is not at home and he assumes her to be with Arjun. The inspector is there to interrogate her as she was also a guest in the wedding. The inspector tells Prem that the case is very complicated and he warns Prem to stay away from the case as it is going to drag everyone in it. He tells Prem that he suspects Saanjh to be the murderer and leaves. Also Read - Jennifer Winget Oozes Oomph in Sultry White Deep-Neckline Monokini, Leaves Fans Gasping For Breath

Maya reaches the godown, the godown is locked from inside and Janvi is there. Arjun and Saanjh are also along. Arjun opens the godown and three of them enter in. Maya is worried if Janvi will hurt herself. Janvi is hiding and keeping an eye on everyone. Arjun tries to call on Janvi’s phone but she doesn’t answer the phone. Saanjh asks Arjun to call the police but he refuses as the police will complicate the situation. Maya finds the earring of Janvi and three of them disperse to find Janvi. Janvi is still hiding and keeping an eye on everyone. Also Read - Jennifer Winget Brings Second Season of CODE M, Shares Teaser on Army Day

At Arjun’s home, Ayaan is seen packing his bags and Vandana asks him why he is packing his bags. Ayaan doesn’t reply and Vandana gets angry. Ayaan tells Vandana that he got to know everything that she did in the temple. Saanjh told him. Vandana slaps Ayaan. Vandana starts crying and says sorry to Ayaan. Ayaan tells Vandana that he is leaving the house as he is not happy with what Vandana is doing. Vandana cribs that no one is trying to understand her. She is just trying to expose the truth about Maya. Ayaan argues with Vandana that she is insecured about losing Arjun to Maya. Vandana again speaks against Maya and Ayaan asks her to stop. (ALSO READ: Police finds Jhanvi’s gun, which she had aimed at Ashwin!)

In the godown, Maya, Janvi and Saanjh are still trying to find Janvi. Janvi is seen horrified. She is seen telling someone that he murdered Ashwin. Someone is following Janvi as she is running throughout the godown. Maya thinks that Janvi is upstairs and three of them run upstairs. Janvi again hides. Janvi sees Saanjh alone and decides to seek help from her. She throws a twig near Saanjh’s foot and Saanjh gets to know that Janvi is there. Arjun asks everyone to leave as Janvi is not there but Saanjh tells him that Janvi is there only. Arjun sends Maya and Janvi in the opposite directions and he starts looking for Janvi. Janvi is again seen climbing some stairs. Someone again follows her and she is again telling that person that he killed Ashwin. Janvi is trying to run away from that person but she falls down from a window. She falls on a car and blood starts coming out of her head.

Janvi, Maya and Saanjh are still trying to find Janvi. Arjun says sorry to Maya as he couldn’t keep an eye on Janvi at home. Saanjh tells Arjun and Maya to call the police. Three of them leave the godown while Janvi is still lying on the car. She is badly injured and cannot move. (ALSO READ: Is it Janvi who murdered her husband?)