Beyhadh, the love story of Arjun and Maya is keeping its viewers excited with a sharp bend of suspense in it. Ashwin is dead and no one knows who murdered him. He died on the day of wedding of Arjun and Maya. The police suspects Janvi to be the murderer as they have found Janvi’s gun in Ashwin’s house. Arjun also suspects Janvi to be the murderer as she was missing from the wedding when Ashwin died. Moreover, Janvi is staying stressed and anxious since the day of Ashwin’s death. She also gets uncomfortable whenever the police interrogate her. Vandana thinks that it is Maya who murdered her father. Vandana is upset from Maya as Arjun is also dragged into the murder case because of Maya. Also Read - Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Actor Tarla Joshi Passes Away Due To Heart Attack, Krystle D'Souza, Nia Sharma Pay Tribute

In the past episodes of Beyhadh, we have seen that the police interrogated all three, Janvi, Arjun and Maya for the murder of Ashwin. It was earlier proved that Ashwin died of a heart attack but Vandana called up the police and asked them to reopen the case. Vandana thought that the police would take Maya with them but she didn’t realise that they would suspect Arjun also. Janvi is finding it difficult to cope up with the death of Ashwin. She blames herself for his death and is always apologising Ashwin. She asks him to forgive her. Janvi is worried that Ashwin might harm Maya as she keeps on getting illusions of Ashwin’s presence. Also Read - Jennifer Winget Oozes Oomph in Sultry White Deep-Neckline Monokini, Leaves Fans Gasping For Breath

Maya and Arjun want to help Janvi to settle down with the situation. They seek doctor’s advice. The doctor wants to put Janvi on antidepressants but Maya doesn’t agree, then the doctor asks them to get Janvi counselled but Arjun do not think that this will help her out. Later, the doctor tells some third alternative that would help Janvi to face the fact of Ashwin’s death. Arjun sends Maya and Saanjh away to temple to pray and then he calls his friend at Janvi’s home. His friend is disguised as a tantric and he tells Janvi that he is there to help her communicate with Ashwin’s soul. As the souls do not speak; so Ashwin will communicate through a coin that is placed on a table with some alphabets on it. (ALSO READ: Arjun doubts Jhanvi for Ashwin’s murderer!) Also Read - Jennifer Winget Brings Second Season of CODE M, Shares Teaser on Army Day

Arjun’s friend asks Janvi to write her confession on a letter and throw it in the river. Later, Janvi gets to know that it was Arjun’s plan. Janvi gets upset. Tonight, we will see that Janvi is in the godown of their office and she is telling someone to stay away from her. It seems like, Janvi has found out the murderer and now that person is going to kill Janvi. Stay tuned to watch what happens in the next episode. (ALSO READ: Is it Janvi who murdered her husband?)