Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Maya extends a friendly hand towards Aarohi. While trying to emotionally involve her, she tells Aarohi that she had a daughter named Arya but she is now dead. She tells Aarohi that by looking at her she feels as if her daughter is near her.  Aarohi says that her mother is also no more with her. Aarohi and Maya become friends and share each other’s sadness and smiles. Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

Meanwhile Arjun looks at the footage of the factory again and again to try and find a clue. His mind keeps telling him that it was Maya who poisoned the chocolates but he needs proof to tell everyone else.  Suddenly he gets up and goes to the factory.  There he finds a tape recorder in which Maya recorded herr voice for Arjun to know that it is her who is trying to play a game with him. The doctor in whose care Maya was kept meets Arjun and tells him that Maya has escaped. She says that Maya very intelligently proved to the police that she has died in a fire. She says that she burnt up the morgue and before starting the fire she exchanged her clothes with one of the dead bodies. She says that she treated Maya for five long years and she knows how dangerous Maya is. To know for sure she got the DNA from all the dead bodies and got them tested. She tells Arjun that none of the dead bodies belonged to Maya. Also Read - Kisses, Smiles, Cuddles! Jennifer Winget And Drashti Dhami's These Pictures Are The Proof That They Are Best of Friends

Meanwhile in the house Aarohi tells Janvi and Suman that she has made a new friend. She tells them that her new friend has a daughter who lives in the stars just like her mother. She says that she is now best friends with this woman. Janvi gets worried but Suman asks her to stay calm. She says that Aarohi doesn’t need to know everything right about Maya yet. She says that when the right time will come, they will tell her everything. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 29 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Defames Arjun’s Company By Poisoning The Chocolates) Also Read - Television Hottie Jennifer Winget is 'Perfectly Plonked' as She Happily Camp While Slurping Her Drink

Arjun plants a trap for Maya and distributes posters in the entire city. He asks Maya to come and meet him. He talks to Ayaan and tells him that when Maya will read the posters she will definitely come to meet him.  He says that he has been waiting for five long years to meet her and he wants his wait to come to an end. Lalwani warns Maya that Arjun is trying to trap her.  Maya says that Arjun will now get trapped in his own web just like a spider. Saanjh comes to the office and Arjun asks her to go to London. He says that he will come after two days and then they will spend some time together. He asks Saanjh to attend Aarohi’s ballet finals before leaving for London.