Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Arjun talks to Maya and tells her that he hates himself for loving her once. He says that it was the biggest mistake of his life and he regrets it every minute of the day. Maya gets hurt after listening to Arjun’s words and decides to run away from him. She breaks everything she finds in her room as she reminisces Arjun’s words. She breaks the photo frame of Arjun and Saanjh and keeps reassuring herself that Arjun belongs to her.Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

Next day in the morning Saanjh expresses her fears to Arjun. She says that she is scared that Maya may harm her child. Arjun says that till the time Maya has this child in her womb, she can control them. So she would not harm the child because it would put her out of control. Arjun asks Saanjh to keep calm and not to worry about the baby He makes her eat breakfast with his own hands and Maya gets jealous looking at the sight of Arjun and Saanjh sharing some loving moments. She goes inside the washroom and starts puking. The entire family rushes to know if she is alright. She asks Arjun to take her to the doctor and Arjun does not even deter. Looking at Arjun’s rude behaviour Maya sits in a car and speeds away from him. Saanjh and Arjun decided to follow her and stop her from harming herself. Maya rams her car onto the roadside and still keeps on moving. The police notices the rash driving and they too sart to follow Maya. Also Read - Kisses, Smiles, Cuddles! Jennifer Winget And Drashti Dhami's These Pictures Are The Proof That They Are Best of Friends

Saanjh tracks Maya on the GPS and follows her along with Arjun. While speeding away xvMaya keeps on recalling the hurtful words which Arjun said to her. She also recalls the moments which Arjun was spending with Saanjh. All her jealousy made her more furious and she kept on accelerating her car. The police along with Arjun and Saanjh keep chasing Maya. When Arjun realises that there is no other way to stop Maya’s car he gets out of the car and asks Saanjh to follow her. He runs towards Maya through the jungle and finds a way to come in front of Maya’s car. He knows that Maya’s love for him would make her stop the car. Maya screeches the brakes and stops her car before it could hit Arjun. Arjun yells at Maya for behaving so irresponsibly even after being pregnant. He takes her to the doctor and ask Saanjh to bring the car. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 18 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Arjun Decides To Kill Maya If She Is Not Pregnant) Also Read - Television Hottie Jennifer Winget is 'Perfectly Plonked' as She Happily Camp While Slurping Her Drink

When the police reaches the speeding car, they find Saanjh sitting inside. She tells them that the brakes of the car failed and that was why she was not able to stop it. Meanwhile in the hospital the doctor goes for an ultrasound and tells Maya that her baby is alright. She shows Arjun the pictures of the baby and says that he might hear the heartbeat too. Maya take Arjun’s hand and puts it on her tummy to make him feel the life growing inside of her.