Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Maya plans to take a revenge from Jhanvi. She decides to put an end to her misery and thinks that she should now make someone pay for the pains they have given to her. She thinks that Jhanvi has betrayed her death many times but this time she should be killed in such a way that she should not even realise that she is going to be murdered. Maya goes into Jhanvi’s washroom and in a tub full of water she puts a live wire to electrocute her . Suddenly the lights Of the house go off and everyone hears Jhanvi’s  shriek. Maya runs to find where Jhanvi is and when the lights switch on Jhanvi accuses Maya of trying to kill her again. Jhanvi says that she was ready to take a bath and when she touched the water, she felt a little electric current. She says that she was fortunate enough that the lights went off at the right time and she got saved. Jhanvi says that there is no one else in this house who can leave live wires in a bathtub.  Arjun says that this can be a coincidence too and there is no need for everyone to blame Maya. He says that she may not be the reason for every trouble which is going on in that house.Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

Maya starts to cry and creates a drama once again. She says that she is going to be a mother soon and she needs some peace to be able to take care of her health. She says that she is going to leave this house because she can’t stay amongst the people who hate her so much.  Arjun says that Maya deserves some peace and quiet. He tells Maya that if it was just her that he would have hated her to his core but since she is bearing his child he can’t hate her. He tells Saanjh that for her happiness he is going to take Maya very far away from her. He tells Maya that she was correct when she said that he would not be able to choose the hatred now he would be able to let go of his love. He says that till the time this baby is born he will stay with Maya very far away from his house. Saanjh tries to stop him but he says that this is for the good of everyone. He doesn’t listen to her and takes Maya with him. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 24 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Finds Reasons To Come Close To Arjun) Also Read - Kisses, Smiles, Cuddles! Jennifer Winget And Drashti Dhami's These Pictures Are The Proof That They Are Best of Friends

Arjun takes Maya to a new home and calls Saanjh from a phone booth. He says that he is taking good care of Maya and will be back very soon. He cooks for Maya and takes care of her health. He gives her the medicines on time and Maya thinks that she has got her Arjun back. Meanwhile Saanjh keeps thinking that Arjun is drifting away from her and closer to Maya. Also Read - Television Hottie Jennifer Winget is 'Perfectly Plonked' as She Happily Camp While Slurping Her Drink