The story of Beyhadh is getting interesting with every passing episode. Janvi is stressed out as Ashwin is dead and she is finding it difficult to face the fact about Ashwin’s death. This is what the doctor said when Janvi stabbed knife in Arjun’s leg. Janvi can see Ashwin and can hear him talking to her. She is often seen saying sorry to Ashwin as she didn’t want to hurt him. She often says ‘i love you’ to Ashwin. She is horrified and happy at the same time as she feels Ashwin’s presence in her home. Actually, she feels Ashwin is back. She is happy that Ashwin is back but she is afraid that he is going to harm Maya. Janvi wants Maya to stay away from her.Also Read - Kushal Tandon Suffers Loss of Rs 25 Lakh After Mumbai Rains Damaged His Restaurant

Recently, we have seen that the police have taken Janvi to the police station to arrest her. They are sure that it is Janvi who has killed Ashwin. Saanjh is an intelligent lawyer and she misguided the police to waste their time on interrogation before arresting her and they are not able to arrest Janvi. The inspector praises Saanjh for her smart move and tells her that they will be back in the morning to arrest Janvi again and she can do whatever she wants to do as she has time till morning. Also Read - Jennifer Winget Tests Positive For COVID-19, is Asymptomatic: 'Down But Not Out'

Everyone is outside the police station and Maya tries to talk to Janvi as she didn’t tell her that she went to Ashwin’s home.  Janvi doesn’t reply her but pushes her out of the car and drives back to home. Upon reaching home, Janvi tries to commit suicide as she thinks that Ashwin is back. Arjun and Maya follow her and save her from jumping down from the balcony. Also Read - Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Actor Tarla Joshi Passes Away Due To Heart Attack, Krystle D'Souza, Nia Sharma Pay Tribute

The doctor tells Arjun and Maya that Janvi is under shock and that is the reason she thinks that Ashwin is back. He suggests them to put Janvi on antidepressants but Maya refuses. They want to find some other alternative, and the doctor suggests Arjun to take her for counselling but Arjun tells the doctor that he doesn’t think that it would work. Then the doctor gives a third option to Arjun, which is still unknown to its viewers. (ALSO READ:  Arjun and Maya share a romantic moment for the first time post marriage!)

Saanjh is worried about Janvi and she works throughout the night on Janvi’s case. Tonight we will see that the next morning has begun and the inspector has come with an arrest warrant to arrest Janvi. On the other hand, Arjun is seen meeting some unknown person. What is going to happen next in the upcoming story? Stay tuned to know more. (ALSO READ:  Jhanvi attempts suicide!)