The airplane lands in Mauritius and Maya asks her to fill an immigration form. Beyhadh is going to witness a new turn today.  This is the first ever international trip of Arjun and Maya promises that he will have many more in the future. Mauritius has beautiful scenery; an expensive sports car arrives and stops next to Arjun and Maya. Arjun gets surprised when he gets to know that it is for them. Arjun takes some more selfies with the car so that he can share them with his family. Maya drives the car; Arjun keeps on taking photographs of roads, scenery, and places of Mauritius. Arjun and Maya seem to be enjoying Mauritius as well as each other’s company. Maya has booked their stay in a beautiful and luxurious resort. Arjun simply falls in love with that place. They are offered welcome drinks and Arjun takes another selfie. While entering, Maya stumbles and Arjun saves her, another close moment for Maya.Also Read - Kushal Tandon Suffers Loss of Rs 25 Lakh After Mumbai Rains Damaged His Restaurant

At Saanjh’s home, she is still upset and not eaten anything. Her father wants to talk to her about Arjun, but she tries to escape the conversation and tells him that she is getting late for the office. In Mauritius, Arjun wants to start working right away, but Maya tells him that they will start with the work tomorrow. Arjun wants to see the location for the shoot today itself as he wants his last day to be free. While enjoying Mauritius, Arjun is still remembering Saanjh as she hasn’t called him for the past one day. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh: Saanjh shattered as Arjun and Maya leave for Mauritius) Also Read - Jennifer Winget Tests Positive For COVID-19, is Asymptomatic: 'Down But Not Out'

Arjun calls up Saanjh and she is in office, but she rejects the call. Arjun takes some selfies for Saanjh and shares the photographs with her. The boat gets ready and Arjun jumps in to reach the location.  Saanjh sees the photographs of Arjun and gets happy, but her happiness doesn’t stay for long as she sees at Maya along with him. She starts crying and her boss asks her to take a leave, but Saanjh bursts on him. Also Read - Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Actor Tarla Joshi Passes Away Due To Heart Attack, Krystle D'Souza, Nia Sharma Pay Tribute

While in Mauritius, Arjun chooses an island for his shoot, but the island is not safe as it will get flooded with water in another 3 hours. After a while, the team tells Arjun that it is the time when tides are going to get high and they need to get back to the land as soon as possible. Arjun doesn’t agree to go along and insists his team to leave as he will come back on his own. Arjun takes a lot of photos. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh: Maya and Arjun fly to Mauritius!)

He checks his photos and he sees photographs of Vandana, Ayaan, and Saanjh. He writes their names on the sand and gets happy. While scrolling further, he comes across Maya’s photograph, writes her name on the sand and feels connected to her.  Arjun starts relaxing and didn’t realize that the tides have become high. His boat is washed off the shore.