Today in Beyhadh we see that Samay asks Saanjh to confront Maya and decides in his heart that if he will have to confess his own crimes to unleash her evil face, he will do that. Arjun talks to Jhanvi and tells her that he sacrificed his friendship for the sake of love. He tells Jhanvi that Maya is not an evil person and her intentions are not wrong. She is just in love. Jhanvi tries to tell Arjun the truth about Maya but Maya comes before she could hint anything to him.Also Read - Kushal Tandon Suffers Loss of Rs 25 Lakh After Mumbai Rains Damaged His Restaurant

Arjun and Maya have a moment of romance as he asks her to listen to what his heart has to say to her. He tells her that he left his friendship for her and he is completely in love with her. Also Read - Jennifer Winget Tests Positive For COVID-19, is Asymptomatic: 'Down But Not Out'

Arjun leaves to get some eggs for Maya and just as he leaves, the door bell rings and Saanjh comes to Maya’s House along with Samay. Maya tries to ignore the conversation with Samay but Samay insists and asks her to give an explanation to him. Samay tells Maya that it’s not her day to ask the questions. It’s their turn and she has to tell him why she killed Prem. Samay gets Furious with Maya and tells her that she has made a fool of him and all the others too. He tells her that he is now with Saanjh and needs his answers. He threatens Maya that no one can save her from his wrath and he will go to any limits to prove his point. He pushes Maya onto the floor and doesn’t show regard for her pregnancy. In his mind Samay recalls each and every moment when Maya hurt him. He tells her that it is now her turn to payback for her sins. But before he could do anything, Arjun comes and gets into a fight with him. Samay picks up a vase and hits Arjun’s head with it.  Arjun bleeds but keeps up his fight. Also Read - Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Actor Tarla Joshi Passes Away Due To Heart Attack, Krystle D'Souza, Nia Sharma Pay Tribute

Vandana blames herself for Prem’s death and says that if Maya wouldn’t have been a part of her family, she would not have killed Prem. She along with Prem’s wife try to recall the events of the day when Maya killed him. She recalls that Jhanvi was trying to help her in revealing Maya’s truth. She says that there are many many more secrets which Maya and Jhanvi are hiding. They realize that it’s only Jhanvi who can help them in revealing Maya’s true identity.

After fighting for a very long time Arjun overpowers Samay. Maya stops Arjun from hitting Samay any further. She then turns towards sons and asks her if she likes seeing Samay hurt. Maya tell Saanjh that she can’t always run behind Arjun and make excuses. This time she has made the excuse of her father’s death and has played Samay like a card. Samay comes to defend Saanjh and tells Maya that she is not in love with Arjun and they both think that she has killed Prem, Saanjh’s father. Maya expresses her in securities and says that Saanjh keeps looking for excuses to come in between her and Arjun. Maya tries to give the whole episode of dramatic turn and folds her hands in front of Saanjh. She asks Saanjh not to come in her life as she is bearing a child and she doesn’t want to harm him at any cost.

Samay tells Maya that he intends to marry Saanjh within week and tells her that Saanjh is in love with him and not with Arjun. (Also Read: This is how Jennifer Winget celebrated her birthday with beyhadh Team)