Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Maya sneaks into the hospital dressed as a nurse. She once again gets an injection ready for Aarohi. She wants to make sure that Aarohi dies. She finds her way to the operation theatre and gives the doctor her poisoned injection in place of the right one. After giving her the injection, Aarohi’s condition starts to deteriorate. Suddenly she starts reviving and Maya’s plan to kill Aarohi fails. The doctor comes out and tells Arjun about Aarohi’s present condition and says that she is out of danger and will definitely survive.Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

Everyone goes to meet Aarohi and Arjun stays distant. He keeps on recalling Ayaan’s words when he called Aarohi his daughter and blamed him of negligence. When Aarohi calls him to come closer to her, he goes and caresses her. Maya looks at Arjun sitting so close to Aarohi and thinks that it was an antidotes which she gave to Aarohi. She thinks that she is not a person who can go to the extent of killing a child. She knows the pain of losing a child and she won’t do it to another child for her selfish motives. She thinks that Aarohi’s health was just a medium to give Arjun some pain. He has to bear immense pain because he has destroyed Maya’s life. She thinks that she will play with Arjun’s life like a puppet and make it impossible for him to live peacefully.  (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 4 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Poisons Aarohi And Takes Her Revenge) Also Read - Kisses, Smiles, Cuddles! Jennifer Winget And Drashti Dhami's These Pictures Are The Proof That They Are Best of Friends

Ayaan decides to take Aarohi away from Arjun and Saanjh. Arjun tries to stop him but he says that everyone close to him is in danger. He says that Maya is back in his life and she will try to harm him and the people around him to take her revenge. Aarohi also gets stubborn and pleads to Ayaan. Everyone tries to stop Ayaan from taking Aarohi away with him but he doesn’t listen to anyone. Aarohi leaves his hand and rushes back to Saanjh. Arjun tells Ayaan that he promises to take care of Aarohi. Ayaan says that this is one more of his promises which he makes to break. Just like he broke the promise to save their mother. Arjun slaps him but still Ayaan leaves with Aarohi. Also Read - Television Hottie Jennifer Winget is 'Perfectly Plonked' as She Happily Camp While Slurping Her Drink