Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Arjun’s security guards inform him that they have seen Maya hiding in a factory. Arjun tells them that they need to find Maya before she plays her next game. The security guards inform him that the police is now taking actions and they will very soon reach Maya. Meanwhile at his house after Ayaan takes away Aarohi, Saanjh keeps missing her. She stops eating and doesn’t feel like getting out of her room.  Suman asks Arjun to take Saanjh out for dinner so that he could cheer her up. Arjun takes Saanjh for a date and there also she mingles up with a little baby. Playing with the baby cheers her up but when his mother takes him back Saanjh gets haunted by Aarohi’s memories once again. She faints in the restaurant and Arjun gets tensed about her health.Also Read - Beyhadh 2 Promo: Jennifer Winget as Maya Seeks Revenge And is More Dangerous Than Before

He takes her to the doctor and he goes Arjun an advise to take Saanjh out of her depression. Saanjh keeps herself lost in Aarohi’s memories. She plays with her to and eat her favorite things. He tries to give Saanjh a hope by giving her an option of surrogacy. She tears the papers and says that no one can make Aarohi’s place. Arjun tells her that he is not trying to replace Aarohi he is just trying to bring back the smile to your face he says that they have tried every method possible to bring a baby of their own in this world but god didn’t want them to be parents. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 5 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Ayaan Takes Aarohi Away From Saanjh And Arjun)
He says that may be surrogacy can give them a chance to be happy. Saanjh says that they can’t give hope on Aarohi so soon. She asks Arjun to call Ayaan and Ayaan says that same thing to Saanjh once again. He says that for Aarohi’s safety, she has to forget her. He tells Saanjh that he can’t let Aarohi’s suffer by making her talk to her and Arjun again and again. Aarohi’s needs to forget about them and then only she would be happy.
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